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The Ultimate insider’s guide to Nigeria’s hottest brand is basically an article that highlights the top brands currently dominating the Nigerian market. This informative piece will give readers an in-depth look at the most popular, the upcoming and successful brands.



There are so many fin-tech brands in Nigeria. Cardify is one of those brands that oozes of excellence and also a user friendly atmosphere. We had a brief interview with one of the brand’s top executive, Mr Idris Taiwo. 

Kindly tell us a bit on the history of Cardify and how it came into existence.

The undiluted facts about Cardify’s history can only be told by the Father of Cardify, The CEO. Lol. Cardify is ALL the digital bank any human will ever need. I can tell you for a fact that Cardify came into existence to solve our customers’ financial hassles/stress.

What were the challenges you faced while setting up?

Because of the experience of successful years of business in Ibadan. In my opinion, finding a good and affordable environment and infrastructure for business were the only prominent challenges for us.

Has Oyo state been conducive for the business to thrive? 

Yes! Speaking from the point of view of my job, Ibadan has been very instrumental in building sustainable solutions. The Ibadan people are a major part of success story of the brands I have worked with.

What are the current challenges you are facing?

The government needs to create a pathway for synergy between all actors in the state. There are still bottlenecks in some advertising policies, cost of electricity which will have forced startups to fail. 

What are the major benefits of cardify to the regular Nigerian?

For me a user, it is the freedom for me. Having my money anywhere I want is a major benefit for me and any Nigerian. Another major benefit is the 3 wallets I will get has a user which allows me to send and receive money in naira, dollar and pounds.

How many females are currently working with cardify and how has cardify been impactful to the female gender in the society?

We have nine females working with Cardify at the moment and it has been a pleasure working with each of them. Presently, we are working with TEKISITE to train young children (and females) in Oyo State. In our marketing teams and sub-teams, females have the high-leading number of team members. As a part of the Cardify Community Development Programs, we are going to be working with partners to develop young females in technology.

Tell us one major factor why people should trust cardify?

Just as the tagline says, #justforyou. Cardify is just for you. You can ALWAYS trust Cardify with your seamless international and local financial transactions. My name is Idris Taiwo, I am Cardified, are you?



Drip with Mide

Adewusi Adedotun Aramide born and raised in Osun state is the CEO of the luxurious brand drip with Mide. In a little interview with the young entrepreneur, he had a lot to say about the growth of the business and its challenges;

How did you form the name drip with mide?

The name Drip With Mide was just a Random name that came to my brain when I planned on changing my business from Mide collection to Drip with Mide cause people using collection were too much.

Tell us about the challenges you have faced so far

Every business owners face some challenges about not making sales in a week or two weeks and issues of ordering a size for a customers and they sent out wrong sizes and issues from drivers also is hectic.

Your biggest win

When I had my own branded cap cause the turn up was massive🤩

How do you manage crisis and kindly tell us one of your experience

In times of crisis I do say to myself it’s not permanent it’s temporary don’t feel weak🤝

What are your key goals?

Having my own space and making my brand known worldwide 🤩.

Have you ever thought of quitting?

Yes I have once thought of that but later changed my mind cause I have come a long way in this business 👨‍💼 

A word of advise to other business owners such as yourself

Don’t relent and don’t copy people style change your own style so it can be different from other people’s own😊…

Drip with Mide


Best choice collectables

 Adedipe Elizabeth ifeoluwa. A native of Ekiti, a lab scientist, a caterer, a teacher and an entrepreneur. For over two years, she has been resilient, irrepressible and a visionary for her young brand. She is determined to go against all odds to make her brand global! After discussing at length with the super entrepreneur, she had quite a lot to say,  

How did you form the name best choice collectibles?

It would have been easy to name my fashion brand name same as that my catering brand named *ELIZA_BIMBX_CAKES*  but I also want a brand name that give meaning as well as giving people the BEST at it’s peak and that’d also depend on people’s CHOICE too.. then I combined both together and add COLLECTIBLES that was how I gave birth to BEST_CHOICE_COLLECTIBLES

I started early December 2020, ended with a huge loss nothing to boast of. Then I decided to quit. I started fully back January 2022..

Tell us about the challenges you have faced so far

Having to make people trust my brand even after everyone claims they’ve been scammed , Refunding customers even when the fault is not mine just to make them understanding their satisfaction is my priority.. seeing competition as good complements towards my brand. Loosing my IG business page at 3k followers and having to start all over again 

Your biggest win

My biggest win importing goods over 1million naira down to Nigeria successfully for a client.. and rendering my services well to my clients 

How do you manage crisis and kindly tell us one of your experience

With patience and calm words and most especially with four out of the five magic words.. PLEASE, SORRY, THANK YOU and PARDON ME.  one of my experience.. having a first time customer that demand I send her goods ASAP even when the day I’m to deliver is it 3days ahead due to trust issues, I tried all I could to make it possible even tho I had to displease myself and then dispatch rider fucked up and didn’t deliver it, then she was so angry telling me to eat the goods that she do not want it again Omo at some point I was so so angry that I had wanted to reply her hot the same way she sent me the but I had to breathe in and out then start to plead to her and she was so calm and cool and started talking and she was so happy saying her mind is at rest that I’m not a scam even when she’s yet go get her goods.. this was done by the power of the magic words.

What are your key goals?

To become a world wide entrepreneur and my brand being othwr people’s sources of income 

Have you ever thought of quitting?

Yes at times I always say I don’t think I can do this anymore due to low sales and loss.. but the I remembered how I started and I won’t sell to anyone for 3 good months straight and that’s gear me up the more never to quit

A word of advise to other business owners such as yourself

Dear business owner there are lots of challenges, wins and lots of loss but always know that a good road can never make a good driver even when the going gets tough going back or quitting is never the solution.

Best choice collectables



An actress, model and entrepreneur, Okeke Chidinma blessing, the CEO of Chi-Closet is a pure lover of fashion, money and likes being extremely productive. According to her, she tends to fall sick when she is not being productive. The hardworking young genius.

How did you form the name chi-closet?

Well, my name is Chidinma and I do anything fashion, so I removed the ‘chi’ in my name, then added closet because for you to be into fashion, you have to pick a dress or accessories from your closet.

Tell us about the challenges you have faced so far

Challenges I have faced are mostly from my business cause riders, drivers and some suppliers can put you in a bad mental state so that’s a major challenge and hurdle in which we constantly face till date.

Your biggest win

My biggest win was my birthday/ anniversary sales I did, a lot of people participate than expected.

How do you manage crisis and kindly tell us one of your experience

The way I manage crisis, lol might sound funny but it’s true, I sleep to let my head stay calm, so I don’t do or say what might be bad later. One of the crisis I had, was when my supplier and rider lost or will I say stole my goods ( I didn’t know both the supplier and rider). It was my first time buying from the supplier and he was suppose to deliver to my customer directly but he didn’t. I called repeatedly but he wasn’t picking, going to 1week plus he then returned my call to tell me he lost the goods then hang up and switched off his phone. Apparently, I have to suffer for a crime I didn’t commit, I have to refund and pay back the customer. 

What are your key goals?

My key goals is to always satisfy my customers no matter what and to also make people feel beautiful no matter their body type.

Have you ever thought of quitting?

Lol a lot of times, that I will always cry at night and pray that everything just ends but the next morning I still post like nothing happened and push harder.

A word of advise to other business owners such as yourself

A word of advice to business owners like me. Please pray!!! Whether you’re a Christian or Muslim, pray ooo!!! Be diligent in what ever you do, be honest, always stay positive no matter the circumstances, be smart too.

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