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The royals kickstarted on Monday, 10th of April, 2023. A total of 20 housemates, 10 guys and 10 girls. The show began with so much energy and violence. They were paired and then the trouble began.

Ayomide David was paired with Ayomide Zainab
Lateef was paired with Moyosore
Ken was paired with IVY
Rell was paired with Chidinma
Temitayo Moses was paired with Victoria
Victor Prime was paired with Loveth
Micheal was paired with Jane
Damola was paired with Oluwatosin Esther
Joju was paired with Eniola
Leramo Joshua was paired with Tolani.

It was tough as some didn’t like their partners while some developed instant attractions towards their new partners. Moyosore was displeased with her pairing as she had eyes for Victor Prime, she got so obsessed with getting Victor Prime and Loveth wasn’t ready to back down. Moyosore declared war! Lateef was forced to voice out and he wasn’t happy with the situation of things. Moyosore then had to rethink her decision.
Chidinma and Leramo Joshua were offline so Rell took the bold step and stole Tolani from Joshua because he already developed a certain connection with her (Tolani).

The new-found combo worked so well when they smashed their first joint tik-tok task and won additional votes for their exceptional creativity. They have been working together ever since.

Damola and Oluwatosin’s love story is so parallel. Damola claims he has feelings for Oluwatosin and he is ready to see a good future outside the show but Oluwatosin had other plans. She secretly confessed that she has a crush on starboy Ken! She wanted Ken but Ken was all over everyone. Due to IVY’s unavailability, Ken stole Moyosore just to ruin her ship with Lateef. Moyo came out to express her displeasure! She wasn’t happy with what happened and she wanted Lateef now more than ever but she wasn’t ready to steal Lateef neither was Lateef ready to make the bold step. Moyo kept lamenting and she got frustrated along the line. Ken happily disrupted the ship. Ken became uneasy as Moyo kept lamenting and was totally un-cooperative. The main question was why didn’t Ken move on? Why did he insist?
Ivy came back online shocked and dismayed at the happenings in the group. Ivy questioned so many things including the fact that Ken was stolen from her. She in turn decided to move on but was too late because she didn’t understand what was going on again. An alteration then occurred between Ken and Ivy in which the admin was forced to take them off the platform. The other contestants were stunned! Day one and people were yanked off the platform just like that? They became aware of the fact that the show has gotten serious now.

The duet task was the first major task to be done on the show and it was completed only by “Rells x Tolani”
“Micheal x Jane “
“Damola x Oluwatosin”
“Mide and Ayomide”.
Rells and Tolani outdid themselves with the most creative video of the show.

Rells x Tolani

In the process, Lateef, Moyosore, Chidinma, Temitayo Moses, Victoria, Joju, Eniola, Leramo Joshua, Victor Prime and Loveth were all evicted. The show started getting tougher, the winner-takes-it mentality became quite serious. Rells was looking like the main candidate for the trophy as fans were already in awe of the young superstar. Rell took an early lead while being chased down by Oluwatosin and Ayomide as well! They all went on to argue about “submission in marriages” hence sharing more intellectual value to one another.

The votes started racking up, some became weaker while the game intensified. Damola and Oluwatosin were growing stronger as they were topping the charts and no one noticed. They were not the most active pair but they showed that two heads are actually better than one. The votes kept racking up till day 4! Micheal did the unthinkable! He broke the Rells and Tolani ship! How awful! Micheal insisted he shared a bond with Tolani and he wanted to show her. She felt so comfortable leaving Rells without thinking twice. She even refused to get him back. The show came crashing down as Rells new pair “Jane” is now being evicted. She was the only individual to get evicted. Scary times were ahead for Rells as he refused to give up and the task meant for two people is now down to him.

Through the odds, Rells kept striving. Mide and Tolani were evicted while Ayomide David, Rells, Oluwatosin and Damola made the finals. Ayomide David was very atrocious from day one. He had his goal set right from the start. He said during the auditions that he was only after the money and nothing more. “The love can come as a complimentary gift but the money is the most important.” He didn’t stop attacking the people on top of the chart which were Rells and Oluwatosin. Damola kept quiet till the night before the finals. He has been supporting Oluwatosin.

The final day came by and it was a stunner as Ayomide David. He shocked everyone with his win. He became the first royal to ever have over 16,000 votes and above. Quite an impressive feat.

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