Faces of the six men arrested for swallowing US$156,000 in Lagos

September 19, 2015

These are the faces of the six members of a suspected money laundering syndicate that were arrested yesterday at the Excel Oriental Hotel, along Airport Road in Lagos by officials of the NDLEA for swallowing US$156,000 which is about N32 million.

The syndicate specializes in swallowing dollarsin a bid to by-pass anti-money laundering operatives at the airport. The men identified as Kingsley Nwokenta, a bureau de change operator also known as Buchito; Augustine Onwuasoanya, 54, and Christian Okoli, 35, both based in Brazil; Uzoma Ezenwa, 33, a hotel manager; Ikenna Ezenwa; and Emmanuel Nwokenta. Inset is a photo of the dollars wrapped for swallowing.

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Strange! Woman deceived online boyfriend, leaving mother and daughter to commit suicide

September 19, 2015

A mother and daughter killed themselves in a horrific suicide pact after a warped fraudster trapped them in a staggeringly bizarre web of threats and lies. Yesterday, the full extent of Linsey Cotton’s heartless deception was disclosed in court.

Cotton, a single mother of two from West Lothian, invented a phantom girlfriend, a bogus stem cell trial, a fictitious murdering doctor and a non-existent government cover-up and she made up a whole cast of characters for her charade.

Cotton, 33, used 15 phones, two laptops and two tablet computers to convince her victims she was more than a dozen different people. At various points, she played a nurse, a barrister and government officials.

Her scam netted her nearly £5000 and a hoard of expensive gifts. But she also terrorised Margaret McDonough and daughter Nicola until they checked into a Premier Inn, took pills and slashed themselves.

Margaret, 52, died within hours of being found at the Greenock hotel on May 10, 2013. Nicola, 23, passed away three days later.

In the run-up to the tragedy, Cotton had convinced the women they faced 20 years in prison and turned their son and brother against them. Her lawyer said she was sorry. Cotton began her scheme a year before the double suicide by ensnaring Margaret’s son Michael, a 33-year-old corporal.

In May 2012, she joined dating site Plenty of Fish – using the name and photo of her stepsister Steph, who had nothing to do with the scam.

Michael saw “Steph” and fell for her. But when they began phoning each other, it was Cotton he was talking to, and she wasted no time filling his head with lies.

She told Michael that Steph was having trouble with her sister’s boyfriend. Then, posing as Steph’s mum, she said the boyfriend had attacked her and left her in hospital with bleeding on the brain.
Soon after, Cotton said Steph had been chosen for a pioneering stem cell trial run by a company called Biotech.

Cotton created a number of characters who told Michael on the phone that they were visiting Steph in hospital.

Michael by now believed Steph was his girlfriend and wanted to visit her too.But Cotton told him she was being moved around different hospitals and couldn’t see him because she had signed a confidentiality agreement for the trial.

Her lies then became even more elaborate. She told Michael a Biotech doctor had tried to kill Steph by poisoning her with drugs, that the Government were involved and that the press had been banned from reporting the case.

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Kuwait court upholds death penalty for Ethiopian maid who killed 19yr old daughter of her employee

September 19, 2015

Kuwait’s Cassation Court on Thursday, September 17 upheld a death sentence for an Ethiopian maid for killing a Kuwaiti teenager. 22-year-old Rabiya Mahmoud was sentenced to death in November. The court sentenced her to death by hanging after she admitted to the public prosecution that she killed Siham Humood Flaitah Al Shemmari, 19, while the family members were resting after hosting a dinner reception celebrate the graduation of a relative.


According to reports on the case, Rabiya confessed that in March 2014 she took a knife and walked into the victim’s bedroom where she stabbed her in the chest. The victim survived the first stabs and pleaded for her life; however, Rabiya refused and stabbed her again until she died.


She then fled the house, but later headed to the Sulaibikhat police station and turned herself in at 5:45 am. She told officers that she stabbed the victim who was asleep, then locked her inside the room before leaving her employer’s house. She cited conflicts with the victim as the reason, and said that she had planned the murder days earlier and that her plans had been delayed because of the presence of the victim’s younger sister.


The police said that officers responded to an emergency call reporting that a door was locked in a Sulaibikhat house with a girl inside. Firefighters broke the door open and found the girl bleeding profusely. She was rushed to the hospital but doctors pronounced her dead on arrival. The medical report said the death was caused by four stab wounds — two in the chest and two in the abdominal area.

Investigators confirmed that Rabiya killed the young girl after they found her fingerprints on the knife used in the crime.

Siham was a freshman at Kuwait University’s Faculty of Arts when she was killed. Her father, Humood, was a member of Kuwait’s national team that participated in the 1982 Fifa World. Cup.

-Gulf News

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September 18, 2015

Things are not always the way they seem. Not all that glitters is gold. Some are coated. The house below was once owned by the richest individual in that community and now see what has become of the house and car. Sometimes we take the most unimportant things very valuable. It should be noted that success is the only thing that stop bullshit💯. Believe in yourself and believe in the fact that you have only one choice and that is to succeed!  Allow the wind of change.✌

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