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Annie’s Home of Decor: Transforming Spaces into Dreams

Welcome to Annie’s Home of Decor! Nestled in the serene Lakeview Estate Phase 2 along Ago Palace Way, this decor haven is set to redefine how you envision your living space. @Ann_home_of_decorr

At Annie’s Home of Decor, we specialize in curating home interiors that reflect your style and individuality. From trendy LED strip lights to mesmerizing galaxy projectors, our extensive range of products is designed to elevate your space and set the perfect ambiance.

Products Offered:

  1. Galaxy Projector: Immerse yourself in the celestial beauty of our Galaxy Projector, priced affordably at ₦25,000. Let stars dance across your walls, creating a serene and magical atmosphere within your abode.
  1. LED Strip Lights: Illuminate your space with our vibrant LED Strip Lights, available at an incredible price of ₦8,500. Add a touch of modernity and ambiance to any room effortlessly.

Creating Your Dream Space:

Your living space is more than just walls and furniture; it’s an expression of your personality. At Annie’s Home of Decor, we believe that transforming your room’s interior design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that resonates with your soul.

Imagine stepping into a space that exudes warmth, sophistication, and uniqueness – that’s precisely what we aim to provide. Our products aren’t just about adorning your rooms; they’re about crafting an experience, a feeling that makes you fall in love with your home all over again.

Contact and Location:

To explore our exquisite collection or seek advice on transforming your living space, reach out to us at 09074125910. Visit our Instagram handle @Ann_home_of_decorr for a glimpse into our world of decor wonders.

Find us nestled in the heart of Lakeview Estate Phase 2 along Ago Palace Way, Lagos. Take a stroll through our showroom to discover a universe of possibilities for your home.

Your home is a canvas, and we at Annie’s Home of Decor are here to help you paint a masterpiece. Let us be your partner in creating the space you’ve always dreamt of. Elevate your living experience with our exceptional decor offerings, and let every corner of your home tell a unique story!

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