Fajemiagba Eniola Elizabeth popularly known as Ceella Ella was born in Ibadan, Nigeria on the 6th of December in the late 90s, the first born of her family and the only girl of 4.

Looking at her educational background, Ella attended Seed Of Life and Blessed Assurance Model School for her primary Education, Ogunsanya Girls Science Academy and Oluyole Private International Comprehensive College (class ’16) for her Secondary School Education.
Ella attended a makeup school by the name “Beautiful Seal” immediately after her secondary school and at the same time processing her tertiary institution, nonetheless, she is now the CEO of HOUSE OF CEELLA where ladies bags, wears and shoes are being sold and traded daily, all  thanks to her customers trust in her. She is also the Creative Director of CEELLA’S GLAM where we enhance the beauty in divas, ladies, women of all age.
Ella recently made a bold move to be a model “Face and Commercial Modeling” which opened up a connection to the First And Best WhatsApp TV Channel called SWISHTV, she’s currently SWISHTV’s first brand ambassador.  When asked how she got to know about SWISHTV, Ella said “I got to know about SWISHTV in the year 2018 when it first launched. It’s a great privilege I knew the TV, Steine and the whole team! We have also been on some huge projects including having special video appearances makes it even more fun to work with SWISHTV!
At 5ft,16inches and still growing, Ella makes a lot of people her inspirations in modelling. Her fashion life started while she was in school and she would involve in pageantry and lots more… she also loves anything that deals with fashion because she believes fashion is life and also a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which people present themselves every day.
“I want to be a great icon, also a role model to many and also push the fashion world forward especially in my Country. To my fans, you guys are just so sweet and the best, your support and love keep me going always. I Love You All”
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