“I’m coming for Lolade and Eniola” – Victoria as she displaces Aminat

When I say this is far from over! This Queen of the week episode has been highly dramatic! Are you not entertained! Trust me no one knows who is getting this crown!

After winning the first task of the show, Victoria gathers serious momentum and picks up the pace as she displaces Aminat from the second place! Aminat has been one of the major contenders for the title as she has also been in the news frequently but Victoria isn’t here to joke!

On Qotw day 3, Lolade collects her lead back from Eniola but she leads only by 5 votes! Lolade ended her day 3 campaign with 521 votes as Eniola remains a top candidate with 516! The underestimated Victoria comes at the 3rd place with 444 votes leading Aminat by 9 votes! Aminat has 435 votes which means she’s still very much in the show!

Sholape has also picked up the pace too! Victoria seems to have motivated the others as Sholape displaces Sola and Temmy to make the 5th position with 92 votes! While sola drops to number 6 with 55 votes. Temmy who was once at the 5th position is now rocking the bottom 3 with 41 votes while Valentina and Ni’ima have 18 and 3 votes respectively.

Predict who will win this months Qotw! Who is going to be our next celebrity?

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