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Meet MISS Olatide
Miss Tourism Nigeria(Ekiti) 2018

Miss Ekiti(Intellectual) 2017

1. Full name and brief info about yourself

My name is Daramola Olatide Oluwamola, a final year economics student of Ekiti state university. I’m 21 years old and an indigene of Omuo, Ekiti state, Nigeria. Apart from being a model, I’m also a fashion designer and an entrepreneur.

2. Brief info on your educational background

Had my primary school education at providence Nur/Pry school, Ado-Ekiti, from where I proceeded to Mother Christi Catholic girls high school but I only spent a year there before switching to Holy Child Catholic secondary school, Ado-Ekiti where I completed my high school education. Like I stated earlier, I’m currently a final year student of the Ekiti state university.

3. The journey so far in the modelling world and your best experience so far

It all started during Miss Ekiti 2017 when the awareness was going on and then my friends and other people came to me. They all encouraged me to go for the contest plus I grew up having a passion for modelling but where and when I was going to start from, I had no idea whatsoever. So, Miss Ekiti came as a great opportunity for me and modelling has been a great source of joy for me since then, after miss Ekiti in 2017, I went ahead to contest for Miss tourism Nigeria 2018 where I represented Ekiti state. I’ve also worked with some top notch photographers like OLAMI IMAGES, YKBENZ, OMO ADEDIBU among others. Each work and pageants I’ve gone for has a special place in my heart. With each one giving me experience, lessons and memories I hold dear.

4. The major difficulties you’ve faced in your modelling career.
Being a model might look glam and all but the reality of it is that a Job is a Job and while the outcome of the whole process may look gorgeous, the procedure can be pretty tiring at times. From the casting dramas to the day to day struggles of having to work out when all you really want to do is like being in a pool of junks and food like everyone else. No to talk of when people don’t actually get that you are not a superhuman but I love my job and I really can’t give up on it so the joy of modelling gives me supplements for the stress. I’m just aware of the possibilities on both sides; good or bad I’m ready to commit no matter how hard.

5. The support from your family?
We all know how it can be in Africa but my mum has been my greatest support so far. Even when she tried to disagree, I know how to make her see reasons and understand that modelling is my passion and I really need to do it. My other family members have also been wonderful so far. A very supportive family I have

6. How do you cope with the pressure
While all the jobs have their own pressure, there is this major string attached to modelling. Like all models have to do dirty stuff before they can get up there or all models are prostitutes but NO. Although there are bad eggs in the modelling industry, I can tell you that we the good ones are also out there and I don’t let all these pet talks get to me. All I think about is where I’m heading to and I don’t let criticisms get to me. I keep moving because I’m not even close to my destination yet and paying attention to critics will only slow down my journey. I definitely still have a lot to achieve.

7. How well does modelling pay?
Going into modelling, at first, you have to spend a lot without getting anything in return if you are hoping to get paid and be successful the first set of jobs you do are free. It is an unwritten rule in the industry that you have to do them to et your profile up by as time goes on, your hard work will start paying off for you, as big brands and editorials start noticing you, those are the ones that really pay and there is no fixed price for modelling, you get paid according to your abilities and how well you’ve been carrying yourself before the job, the value of your portfolio also matters. You can either accept payment in cash or in kind based on the agreement between you and the client; anyone that suits you. By Kind, I mean for example if you are modelling a cloth, the designer can decide to give you the cloth.

8. Kindly mention your top 5 models in Eksu apart from yourself.
Kaysteve, Yungemmy, Eben, Debi Wumi, Dolapo { Miss EKSU 2017}

9.Source of motivation?
My major source of motivation has been my imperfections and my mistakes keep making me better and closer to my goal because each time I make a mistake, I get better in that area. I would obviously keep avoiding the same mistake. Motivation also comes from the doubters who will tell me directly or indirectly that I couldn’t do certain things. I let that drive me and of course, I’m human and I find it hard at times not to take it personally but here I am today doing most of the things I was told I couldn’t do.

10. A brief talk of motivation to others reading this.
Never let your pride down. No matter what at the end of the day you are still a valuable person with feelings, thoughts and opinions. You are so much more than just a pretty face. Most fashion models accept the jobs they are booked by their agency, which is fine and quite standard but if anything ever crosses the line or makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to speak up and voice your opinion before it’s too late. Make what you stand for known from the start and stick to it. You should never be so dedicated to your career that it becomes more important than yourself and your own needs. The less you worry about approval the better you will be. Know when to put your foot down and always have your own back. Afterall if you don’t have own back who else will?

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