At the number 2 spot meet Elvis;

Mr Tourism Nigeria North 2017

Mr Charisma, Photogenic and Second Runner-up Mr Eksu 2017

1. Full name and brief info about yourself
My name is Ofoegbu Elvis Ifenna PKA ELVIS BILLMAN. I hail from Ekwusigo Local government in Anambra State.

2. Brief info on your educational background

Getting a standard Education has always been one of my priorities as a growing child, with the support from my parents I attended “Loyal International School ” One of the most prestigious High Schools in Lagos Which I held the post of The Senior Prefect and had several Awards to my name Ranging from Sports to education.


3. The journey so far in the modelling world and your best experience so far

I started my modelling Carrier in 2015 During my last days of high school, being something I loved, I put in all I had “my time and money” striving to be recognized in the industry.

In 2015, I became the Official Model for Tac Clothing. In 2016 I emerged as Mr Charisma Eksu and 2nd runner up Mr Eksu. In Dec 2017, I emerged as Mr Tourism Nigeria North and got a one year contract with Zanzy Entertainment and Dominio Wine.

4. The major difficulties you’ve faced in your modelling career.

Most models who look up to me keep telling me “Elvis You haven’t suffered in this industry ” , I laugh remembering the number of times I went for auditions, after waiting for several hours under the Sun and not get picked, Making me feel like I wasn’t good enough, which made me train harder in my secret place, following the life of David @sonofdavid on IG.


5. The support from your family?

I Thank God for the type of Family I come from, Super supportive, Although My mum always gets pissed any time I have any overnight Event, Big Thanks to my Elder Brother Rico who inspired and assisted me In completing my first project in 2016 “ElvisBillman’s Diary”

6. How well does modelling pay?

The modelling industry I can say pays by your works and value, My first pay in the industry was #1500. Yes Quite little, That was in 2015, Now I Bill clients on how much I want. It’s all Hard word and Consistency.


7. Kindly mention your top 5 models in Eksu apart from yourself.
1)Yung Emmy
2)Debbie Wumi
4)Thinkers Myles
5)Seun (CEO E.O.A)

8.Source of motivation?

My source of motivation has always been my strive to make a difference in the industry thereby quitting has never been an option.


9. A brief talk of motivation to others reading this.

My Words for anyone reading this :
Invest in yourself, Raise your Value, learn Skills.
The Key to success is to raise your own energy; When you do. , people will naturally be attracted to you. And when they Show up, Bill’em! Your income can grow only to the extent you do, the journey ain’t easy but worth it.

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