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At number 3 we have Miss Dolapo:

Top 15 Miss Ekiti 2017

Miss Eksu 2017

Model of the year Ekiti State University Campus Awards 2018

Model of the year Ekiti Future Awards 2018

Present Influence:
Director Eksu Models

Campus Brand Ambassador Indomie Noodles (EKSU)

The Bug Campus Ambassador

1. Full name and brief info about yourself
I am Akinola Dolapo. I’m a Law Student at Ekiti State University. I’m Model, a PR, an Entrepreneur, an Event Planner amongst other things.

2. Brief info on your educational background
I had my primary education at Abiks Private School, Agege, Lagos then proceeded to Yewa Junior High School, Agege and Sango Senior Secondary School, Agege Lagos for my junior and senior years respectively before proceeding to Ekiti State University where I’m currently studying law in my second year.

3. The journey so far in the modelling world and your best experience so far
I started my journey in the modelling world in the year 2017 when I contested in the Mr/Miss Eksu pageantry which I emerged as the winner. That kick-started my modelling career then I contested in the Miss Ekiti 2017 pageantry and was part of the top 15 contestants. I’ve groomed many aspiring models in the course of my journey and also chaperoned different pageantry including Most Beautiful Girl in Eksu (MBGE) 2018 and Nigerian Most Beautiful Student (NMBS) 2018.
My best experience so far was when I emerged as the winner of Miss Eksu 2017 because that was my first attempt at modelling

4. The major difficulties you’ve faced in your modelling career.

Some major difficulties I’ve faced so far in my modelling careers includes lack of financial support, especially when I was contesting for Miss Ekiti 2017, the stress of going from one casting to another without tangible results, the fact that society has a different opinion about models and take female models for prostitutes and the fact that some clients underpay models and have very rude manners of approach.

5. The support from your family?
My family has been a massive pillar of support and encouragement ever since my first step into the modelling world and I’m entirely grateful to them for my achievements so far.

6. How do you cope with the pressure

Well, depending on the type of pressure in question, personally, the only pressure I was facing was how to balance studying law and modelling together and both are very demanding but I just learnt how to manage my time well and plan ahead and so far, I’ve been doing great.

7. How well does modelling pay?
Well, in this part of the country, Ekiti State isn’t entirely a commercial hub and the modelling industry is just trying to find its feet here so it’s not really paying and most times, we use our resources to cover up for the outstanding conditions and we hope it will get better very soon.

8. Kindly mention your top 5 models in Eksu apart from yourself.

My top 5 models in EKSU include Debi Wumi, Eben, Edwin, Ejalonibu Abimbola, and Emmanuel (Thinker Myles)

9.Source of motivation?
My source of Motivation is my Mum. She has always been a source of support to me since the beginning. She’s a strong and positive woman and I owe everything I am today to God and her. In the modelling world, Mayowa Nicholas is a great source of motivation for me and I really admire her.

10. A brief talk of motivation to others reading this.
I’ll just say that it’s never too late to take a step forward. Block out negative thoughts and energy and focus on what makes you happy, strive hard and never give up because hard work definitely pays.

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