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King Tourism Ekiti 2018

Face of Ekiti State University Campus Award(ESUCA) 2018 MALE

Present Influence
C.E.O KSE Models

Model of the year ESUCA 2018 (Male)


1. Full name and brief info about yourself

My name is Kayode Mayowa Stephen Olayinka… Pka kaysteve
Minister of the Gospel-Gospel Artiste-Online Manager-MODEL/Catwalk Instructor -Graphics Designer-Presenter-Event Host-OAP- CEO kse_models and CEO KAYSTEVE EMPIRE

2. Brief info on your educational background

It’s all started at L. A pry school in Ikare Akoko and mum was transfer to oka Akoko where I went to OJOMIRIN COMPREHENSIVE school leaving there 2012 and got admitted to Ekiti state university where I’m studying Science Laboratory Technology, Biochemistry option, presently in my final year [500level]


3. The journey so far in the modelling world and your best experience so far

It wasn’t easy at all… Nobody believes in that vision of me being of a model because of my personality [A preacher to say] the journey was rough and hard, but I so much believe in myself and I keep praying.. Having the motive of going into the industry to prove people’s wrong about their mentality about models… Though my passion for fashion drives me into it…
My best experience so far in the industry is meeting new people and high influential personnel. Winning and affecting life positively as a role model to aspiring models too


4. The major difficulties you’ve faced in your modelling career.

The major difficulty I’ve faced in my modelling career is money and Sponsors because I’ve lost so many opportunities due to insufficient funds to process some kinds of stuff.
That has been my highest difficulty so far…

5. The support from your family?

Wow, this is just out of it… I was forsaken… At first no family support at all… No friends, nobody…I face a lot of critics and family meetings on this matter… But I keep striving cuz I so much believe in my vision… Later on, after winning and they can see my passion for modelling they have to just accept me for who I am and for what I’ve chosen to do… Now they don’t really support but they believe in my vision and they have to stop complaining about it…

6. How do you cope with the pressure

We have to cope with it… We need to cope with it we don’t have any choice. We just have to…


7. How well does modelling pay?

Modelling pays if you get signed into a good modelling agency…

Getting jobs is easier. Working with a fashion brand and all… Also, Pageantry can get you cool cash if you eventually emerge as the crowned queen or king
But not at first… You need to have a good shape… Good height… And some other models qualities
Modelling pays if you’re patient and maybe if you’re lucky… With your seriousness and commitment, you can make it big in the industry

8. Kindly mention your top 5 models in Eksu apart from yourself.

Young Emmy
Thinker myles
Debi Wunmi


9.Source of motivation?

Ebuka and Alex Ekubo
Also my lead pastor fashion orientation
Pastor Harrison Ayintete


10. A brief talk of motivation to others reading this.

Well, let me say this to the writers or aspiring models… God first in anything you wanna do… never ever give up… Nobody will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself… Nobody will motivate you if you don’t motivate yourself… Once you’re sure of it… You know it’s really your passion then go for it… Nothing should ever stop you from achieving whatever you wish or wanna achieve in life…
Nobody pays your bills… It’s your life so live it to your taste, with God anything is possible

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