Kvngevy in connection with Swish TV presents “Model Awareness University Tour”. We would be moving from one institution to another. This time we are commencing with Ekiti State University popularly known as {E.K.S.U}. Modelling can be defined as providing visual examples of an individual or group performing a skill or set of skills accurately and fluently for the purposes of teaching others through the visual medium. We present to you the interview sessions with the top 5 Model in Ekiti state university:

Coming at number 5 is Miss Precious;

Miss Nigeria International Amity 2018

Miss Zuri Ondo Culture 2018

First Runner Up Miss Eksu 2017

Present Influence
Ambassador for Advocate for Gender-Based Violence


1. Full name and brief info about yourself:

My name is Aruwajoye Mary Precious, in hail from Ikare Akoko, Ondo State. I am 1st runner up Miss Eksu, Miss Zuri Ondo culture 2018, Miss Nigeria International Amity 2018. Ambassador for gender-based violence, Am currently working on a project which I titled walk against gender-based violence Nigeria

2. Brief info on your educational background

Well, my educational background had been fun I schooled in a different part of the country like FCT, Osun State, Oyo State, Ondo State e.t.c due to my father’s occupation. I had my primary school leaving certificate in Ile Ife, my wassce and Neco was in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State and am currently a 300level student of Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti in the faculty of sciences and department of Science Laboratory Technology (Biotechnology Option)

3. The journey so far in the modelling world and your best experience so far

The journey so far I won’t describe it as easy in fact it’s nothing close to easy, I have been into modelling for 4years now and counting, I started under my boss and school father Domenic Santos (Rashberry) Director Zen Models Africa, he encouraged me and advise me. The first photographer I worked with was Taerich photography, it wasn’t easy to pose and smile and be able to make all look real. I contested for Miss Eksu 2017 when I was in 200level, it wasn’t easy, it took my time and devotion. I emerged Second, it was a great height to me, it was the beginning of my portfolio. Later that year, I contested for Miss Ekiti 2017, I wasn’t lucky enough to be part of their winners, I was discouraged and wanted to take a break from modelling for a year, my boss talked to me and 2018 I contested for Miss Zuri Ondo, I Emerged the crowned Queen Culture, this again boosted my confidence and later in the year 2018 contested for Mr and Miss Nigeria International 2018 (The heritage edition), under Brendance and Crusader, this pageantry is the most recognized and prestigious mixed Pageant in Nigeria with franchise with international bodies, when I got to camp I was so scared seeing beauties from all over the country, but this experience was the best, I learnt a lot from it and finally I was crowned Miss Nigeria International Amity 2018.

4. The major difficulties you’ve faced in your modelling career.

My major difficulties so far as being communication, am not really an outgoing person so am not that popular and you need popularity in the modelling world, up till now, some people still don’t believe I have a national crown and I find it rather disheartening having to explain how I won too many people and for the fact am not flamboyant in dressing.

5. The support from your family?

I have support from my mother most importantly and that has kept me going plus my siblings have been really supportive.


6. How do you cope with the pressure?

Wao, I must say the pressure is very high especially from my aunties and cousins, also there is a huge pressure from the society which we live in, stereotype is real, majority believes once you are model you are selling yourself to the male counterpart, you are a harlot but modelling to me is nothing like that and you know whatever you find interest in doing does not just go away by mere accusations, modelling is my passion, I love it and derive joy from it, this helps me get rid of pressure as soon as they come. 

7. How well does modelling pay?

Modelling does not pay well in Nigeria I must say and this is due to the fact that we don’t have many designers and fashion shows. The ones we have wants to pay little because they don’t really see hard work in what we do.

8. Kindly mention your top 5 models in Eksu apart from yourself.

My top five models in Eksu are Doneric Santos (Rashberry), Kayode Steven (Kaysteve), Akinola Dolapo, Elvis Billman, and Eben.

9.Source of motivation?

My self. The fact that I am not where I want to be yet but I have left where I started from is a great motivation for me to keep going.

10. A brief talk of motivation to others reading this.

To others reading this if there is anything at all you have a passion for me it entertainment, modelling, acting and so on, please don’t hesitate to do them. Criticism will come, the pressure will arise, some will even detest you. Never let all these stop you from doing what you love to do, one day you will be a force to reckon with.

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