Olabintan Odunola

Full name and brief info about yourself
Olabintan Odunola, I’m a social entrepreneur and youtuber

Brief info on your educational background
Went to St. Louis Nursery and primary school, St. Louis Girls’ Grammar School both in Akure, Ondo State
Went on to do a year studying microbiology at the Federal University of Technology Akure before leaving there to study medicine at Ekiti State University where I currently am

The journey so far regarding your business/work
Well, started working with/volunteering for social enterprises in my first year at Eksu, 2014 and since the process has been a gradual growth in knowledge and wisdom.
Social entrepreneurship is taking but also fulfilling at the same time, it’s amazing how much we cab can help contribute to making our society better and I’m glad I chose this path. I’ve always been interested in media and have been hosting events since 2013 but the part that interests me the most is how you can use the media to communicate positive change and educate/inform people.
This spurred me to start my own YouTube channel “The Lifesaver’s Apprentice” where I educate people in order to help them make the best decisions as regards their health

Source of motivation

God is oh

A brief talk of motivation to others reading this
Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Make sure before you complain about something you’ve actually tried to do something to fix it. Our country, Africa and the world at large will be better for it

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