Angela Anne Alidza

Angela Anne Alidza was our premier and first official Queen of the week. This young Ewe lady was born in Hohoe, Volta Region but currently live in Cape Coast, Central Region. The Proud Ghanaian comes from a family of seven, with four older brothers. and her birthday is 24th August.

She went to St. Francis kindergarten in Hohoe and then she went to UCC primary school, UCC junior high school, Holy Child School and she is currently in her third year in UCC {University of Cape Coast}. She is currently dating the Y.O.L.O Tv Series superstar, Monster.
She gets her motivation from both him and her parents. Lol. She has also become a role model for many other students.


” life has so much to offer. Sometimes certain things and people will make you want to give up but there’s a reason why God is still giving you life. So just be positive and strong and at the end of the day everything will be fine”

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