Fawaz Moshopefoluwa Akinbola.

Full name and brief info about yourself
Fawaz Moshopefoluwa Akinbola. I am the last child out 3. 21 years old (DOB 22nd July). I’m Yoruba from Ogun state
Live in Abuja.

Brief info on your educational background
Primary school: El-Amin international school
Secondary school: cherry field college.
University: Baze university
studied Economics

The journey so far regarding your business/work
So first I’m own an upcoming entertainment company called Episodes entertainment. My journey so far has been stressful and at the same time worthful. Cause if whatever you do doesn’t stress you then you are not taking the right steps. So yeah my business is been going well. Cause starting an entertainment company is not easy not event talk about starting in Abuja. But I thank God. I had plans coming

Source of motivation
So basically the fact that the heart of entertainment is in Lagos. I believe that the entertainment sector in Abuja can be as big at in Lagos. Keeps me moving cause we literally have great talent in Abuja that Nigeria is yet to know. And I want to make entertainment easy for everyone. WATCH OUT

A brief talk of motivation to others reading this
My advice is literally whatever business you have falling in love with it. Enjoy what you use to make money

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