Susan Eniolorunda

Full name and brief info about yourself.
My Name is Susan Eniolorunda
I am from Kogi State, Kabba. I am the Second Child From a Family of Six.

Brief info on your educational background
I’m a Graduate of Baze University an LLB Holder.

The journey so far regarding your business/work
It’s been an exciting and Stressful Journey, it’s not easy combining School and Business Together But to the Glory oh God it All Ended in Success and Praise.

Source of motivation

Basically, I have always had interest in helping People and having my own hard ended Money But my Greatest Motivation was when I lost my Dad and I said to myself that things have to change I had to work harder to support my Mum and not Always depend on Financial income from Her

A brief talk of motivation to others reading this
To Everyone who is going to come Across my little Success story, I am telling you today Always be Strong, You can do and achieve whatever you have in mind as long as they are of Good. All you need is to start little by little be determined Concentrate and Pray, Don’t take the setbacks personal cause it would always happen. GoodLuck

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