Oha-Moses Miracle Chidera

Full name and brief info about yourself
Oha-Moses Miracle Chidera. I’m a BSc holder of intelligence and security studies. I love food and I’m a plus size model also currently working on my fashion line.

Brief info on your educational background
I went to Stella Maris nursery and primary school. Then attended Stella Maris college for secondary school then I attended afe babalola university where I studied intelligence and security studies and graduated in 2017. I’ve also done my nysc

The journey so far regarding your business/work
My work and business are not what most regular girls do. It’s different, modelling and handling a business where I’m other people’s personal shopper isn’t as easy as it sounds but I love it, it’s something I’m passionate about and I love it. It lets me explore different places and still have time for myself.

Source of motivation
When it comes to modelling knowing that there are women curvy Luke me and even bigger aren’t comfortable in their skin. Which is so wrong because they’re beautiful. They are phat, not fat. (pretty hot and thick)

A brief talk of motivation to others reading this
Honestly, guys, love yourself and live happily, don’t let anything or anyone bring you down if you are passionate about something go for it. Live happily.

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