Osil Ebaw Aying Souza
Full name and brief info about yourself
My name is Osil Ebaw Aying Souza. I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo, from the family of seven.

Brief info on your educational background
I school at the University of Abuja, studying Political Science and International Relations. I am in 300level.

The journey so far regarding your business/work
I started modelling last 4years, it was a joke at first, I was always talking about being a model and then makeup artist started using my face to perfect their makeups. And as I kept posting and they also kept posting then I started growing and getting noticed more on social media and around Abuja. Makeup artists like @beautenoire_style, @beautybylavita @boss_efe. They started the modelling business for me.

Source of motivation
My source of motivation is my friends and family. They motivate me a lot, always wanting me to be so big and famous and praying for me. They never want to see me not doing anything.

A brief talk of motivation to others reading this
I have been getting a lot of messaging on Instagram from girls, asking how I am getting so known and really I just want to Thank God because if not for God I wouldn’t have made it this far. I mean this is just my starting point but I know I am going to do greater this year and more years to come. So yeah I want to advise others, whether the make up artist is learning or not, never you say the makeup wasn’t fine that’s why you didn’t post. Because I’ve gotten that reply a lot. Go ahead guys post because you never know what’s coming for you. Nobody is going to help you if you don’t help yourself first. So go ahead do things, post pictures, follow those makeup artist that you have always wanted to work with and always watch out for their posts about needing a model and boom you’ll make it. I don’t even know what to say again. I also want to thank every other makeup artists and photographers I’ve worked with. Thank you for making me who I am today, my friends and family for loving me and being patient with me.

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