Nadia Azu Adams

Full name and brief info about yourself
I’m Nadia Azu Adams from the Upper East region of Ghana


Brief info on your educational background
A final year student at the University of Capecoast..reading bachelor of commerce Finance.
I had my basic and junior level of education at Mount Sinai educational centre at Bolga .upper East region
And after school at the Adventist senior high school for the senior high level and later took transfer in my second year to Bolga Girls senior high and currently am offering my degree at the University of Cape coast

The journey so far regarding your business/work
The journey hasn’t been easy considering combining schooling with the modelling industry…sometimes you have to weigh which need of offer is important at the time and go for one according to your needs but on several occasions I have chosen academics over my work …and also cause of the offers that come ..some ain’t worth going for so I still to the main focus at the moment but all the same is stressing

Source of motivation
My mum
She’s my source of motivation
Anything I do .. I do to make her proud because that has been her dream for the first born to be a model before I was born and am honouring that cause I love it too

A brief talk of motivation to others reading this

never give up..it won’t be easy and in this industry if you wanna go far help others…make friends with your colleagues and everyone in the industry and always be positive but be careful because people will want to take advantage of you…and never try to be like others be yourself and know that no one can make you happy unless yourself…and always work hard behind doors and let the success speak for you openly after all no one cares what’s going on with u so whatever u do ..do it to make yourself proud and remember depression is real so try and speak to matured people/person

Nadia was also one of our prestigious 4th official Queen in our regular show Qveen of the week and also the third Ghanian to win the contest. Winning with a huge landslide.

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