Okunbor Joshua

Full name and brief info about yourself
Okunbor Joshua, I’m from Edo state but I was born in Enugu State and I lived most of my life in Ibadan.

Brief info on your educational background

I attended Ronk New Age School {Primary Education} then attended Sunshine Int High School Ibadan before I proceeded to the University of Cape Coast Ghana to study Human Biology

The journey so far regarding your business/work

Hantek Digital Consult was established in 2018 and is basically an IT Training & Consultancy company in Nigeria.  According to the Global Competitiveness report for 2015/2016, Nigeria ranks 106 out of 140 countries on Technological Readiness and 117 out of 140 countries on innovation. This is not good enough for a country that claims to be the giant of Africa. Our goal at Hantek is to help improve Nigeria’s Technological Readiness and innovation by providing a platform whereby young Nigerians can learn and develop their Technological skills and aptitude which in turn will provide a boost in Tech advancement in the country.


Source of motivation

I love all things Tech. from when I was a child I have been able to operate and navigate computers no matter how complex it might be. But unfortunately, my parents wanted me to be a doctor. So I studied Biology at the University and for a long time, I wasn’t happy because that wasn’t what I wanted to do and I thought there was nothing I can do about it. This was until my friend told me he was starting a blog. Why was this important? Well, this friend was an Economics graduate and today he runs one of the fastest growing blogs in Nigeria. So I said to myself, there was nothing stopping me from going after what I wanted to do. So I took motivation from him and what he’s doing and today Hantek Digital is born.


A brief talk of motivation to others reading this
it’s never too late to go after your dream. Don’t let anything (friends, family, education or lack thereof) stop you from doing what you love. Start small and with hard work and dedication, you will see your dream turn to reality.

Web: hantekdigitalconsult.com
Email: info@hantekdigitalconsult.com
No: 08165372321

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