Omotade {not real name} is a young and successful manager in an insurance firm. She earns quite a lot and is very independent. Omotade met Taju while in her 3rd year at the university. She fell in love and fell quite too hard and just as they say love can be blind at times. She would provide for taju even as an undergraduate and would do everything to please him and make him “happy”. Fast forward 6 years later, she literally pays his house rent since he has no job just yet. She does most of the necessary things in the house without actually complaining. Let me be specific here, they are not married or even engaged yet. While narrating her story in the hospital, Omotade when asked what exactly happened, she couldn’t help herself but just shed tears. Why did omotade land in the hospital? She was beaten to a pulp by an aggressive boyfriend who said, “She f**cked up” by not giving her the money he needed for a business. This is seen as a clear case of bloated ego and terrible upbringing.

Truth be told there are always two sides to a story. Most men would swear she was rude or she provoked, taunted him or even drew the first blood. My point here is, no man has a right to raise his hands against a woman neither does a woman have any right whatsoever to lay her painted fingers on a man. It is just wrong. No matter how we see this situation the fact still remains that domestic violence has been committed. It’s a crime. 

Moving on to buttress the point, not only women suffer from domestic violence.
Lateef is a 47-year-old married man. He has been married for over 20 years with 3 kids. Honestly, before you jump into conclusions read till the end. He lost his job about 7 years ago and things have not been the way they used to be so his wife basically does all the major things in the house. When I asked Mr Lateef what he has done to actually try and get a job or sustain his family or rather help his wife out with the payment of bills. He has been trying and most of the businesses he tried to venture into all crashed. Now back to the main topic, why is Mr Lateef a victim? His wife basically insults him at the slightest opportunity both indoors and outside. The worst part is that his wife has co-opted his own kids to join when insulting him. She slaps and beats him up. The sad part is “being a Man wouldn’t let him speak up”. 

The society is messed up. Most times we think domestic violence is all about the female gender. No! Even kids get assaulted and get involved in domestic violence.  We shouldn’t ignore how most bosses treat their domestic help/ workers in their homes or place of work. That is also a sort of domestic violence you know. What are the major causes of Domestic violence?
To be candid we have so many reasons as to why domestic violence occurs; 

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