In ancient times, marriages have been perceived and regarded as a “for better for the worse” institution. Truth being said, that has evolved in recent times. The idea of being unitedly forever poised to be a serious issue and quite a heavy burden in recent times. Understanding, Love, Care, Selflessness and money are just a few of the characteristics, attributes and traits that one must maintain to make a relationship last “forever”.

As a Social Analyst, the environment has not actually been quite favourable and agreeable for a “forever” situation. The hoi-polloi has been filled with the reasoning that “forever” cannot exist. The female gender has uncomfortably and painfully settled for less in the previous generations and that has been under serious amelioration in recent times. The female gender has risen up against all odds including the so-called restricted institution called Marriage.

Marriage has been a fore mask to hide the violent nature of some men and women back in the days when “divorce and separation” are seen as something unholy and impracticable. The mask has been unveiled and people are starting to raise critical and significant questions. The man’s ego has been put under serious scrutiny.

Violence in marriages is caused by so numerous things but before we start to talk about violence in marriages, we need to understand what violence truly means. Violence can be defined as a behaviour involving physical force or intent to hurt, damage or kill. Domestic violence is violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as n marriage or cohabitation and is very rampant in our African society and it is a topic that should be dealt with seriously. Domestic violence is also any behaviour that the purpose of which is to gain power or control over a spouse, partner, girl/boyfriend or an intimate family member. Abuse is actually a learned behaviour. We also need to understand what or who a victim really is. A victim is defined as a person who has suffered physical or emotional harm, property damage or economic loss as a result of the crime. Oh, and yes, Domestic violence is actually a crime. 

Having talked with a couple of people that have been directly affected by domestic violence, they have decided to share their stories;

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