Queen of the week has been a brand that was officially formed in the year 2017. The idea was quite simple, it was a basic solution to the problem of publicity. Everyone wants to be heard or known. Brands want to be heard or seen. The whole plan is to create an avenue for new and young celebrities to be formed and at the same time attaining maximum publicity for our sponsors.

Queen of the week officially started as a Facebook contest where ladies with the highest likes would win and they would share their pictures as many times as possible. While running the contest on Facebook, we would interview most of the contestants and form an amazing storyline out of it and post it on our official website filled with so much drama and suspense. As time went by we decided to move both the voting and the interviews and news fully to our official website. It gained massive acceptance from both critics in Nigeria and Ghana. Let’s start with a bit of history. There was an unofficial Queen of the week that was won by Ghanian model “Akorfa”. She became the first brand ambassador for the Q.O.T.W and she reigned for about two months before the first official contest titled “The Debut”.

The Debut was a big success. It showcased about 10 contestants from both Nigeria and Ghana with about 7 sponsors. Angela, Blankson, Divine, Jasmine, Ogunbanjo, Oreoluwa, Rhoda, Sophie, Susan and Chinonso were all key contestants in ‘THE DEBUT’. It was a landslide win. We finally had our first official Queen of the week, Queen Angela. She then became our second official Queen of the week. That made it our second Ghanian winner in a short while.

We proceeded in organising the next episode of the first season of the Queen of the week. The second episode was titled “Back to Back”. This episode was filled with so much suspense and extra anticipation. We had 8 contestants in this particular episode; Mina, Nnifer, Tope {Second timer on the show}, Adetayo, Ego, Q.V, Odarley and Emma. After her second trial in the competition, Tope won the Q.O.T.W and became our first Nigerian Queen to win the show. She also became a brand ambassador of the Q.O.T.W.

Pushing the contest further, we built a stronghold of new sponsors and new fan base. The third episode was unveiled and launched. It was titled “ LA HERMOSA REINA” meaning the beautiful Queen. This episode as usual was filled with so much drama and more thrilling vibes. This episode had a total of 9 contestants which included Simisade, Nadine, Fikayo, Ugonna, K-candy, Thwo Raw { Second timer on the show }, Oyinkansola, Yayra and Oke. This episode was the first test run episode on the website and it turned out quite well. Though there were serious criticisms about the mode of voting and a lot of background work needed to be done. Still, it was amazing. The Queen of the week S1 EP3 was successful and was won by K-Candy {Chidinma}. She also became our second Nigerian Queen to win the contest.

Furthermore, the fourth episode came quite late due to some managerial factors. The Queen of the week episode four came out as a shocker to many as they thought that the Queen of the week has come to an halt and that the show has lost most of its sponsors. Little did they know that we never stopped working. The fourth episode was titled “ GÜZEL KRALIÇE ” meaning The Beautiful Queen. This episode had the shortest number of contestants in the history of Q.O.T.W. recording just 6 contestants. Nadia, Louisa, Naomi, Tife, Abike and Chidera. Nadia became the third Ghanian Queen. She won the title with an huge landslide.

The Season one finale came with a banger! Since Ghanians have decided to take over the show the finale was all about them. The final season one episode was titled “ The Queen” . We had just 5 exclusive Ghanians on the episode finale. Aba Linman, Rahyl, Abigail, Charlotte and Benedicta Armah. The winner of the season finale episode was Aba Linman.

Season two episode one kicked off last year November and was titled “The Big Wave”. The first episode that was fully exclusive to Nigerians. Season two came with a lot of excitements and drama because we decided to fully integrate the Q.O.T.W into the website. 10 major contestants with 6 brand sponsors. Hephzibah, Bola, Favour, Faith, Nadine { A second timer on the show}, Vicky, Leke, Teju, Daniella and Ayoola were all contestants on The Big Wave episode. Teju won the first episode of the second season to become our latest and current Queen.

The Queen of the week has boasted of giving brands a huge boost in their social media following and also in terms of sales. We are poised to serve brands that have chosen to sponsor this big outreach. The first season ended with great remarks and great success. This time we are going bigger. Cash prizes are now up for grabs. Ten thousand thousand Naira { #10,000 } is now up for grabs + lots of other expensive free bees. The Q.O.T.W has always been a free platform right from day one. Now there is a registration fee of just #2,000 {Two thousand naira only}. This would cater for the brands’ continuance. Apart from the cash prize, the winner gets, #15,000 naira outfit from Zavani Nigeria, #15,000 naira worth outfit from Tare couture, A Ghanian Magazine feature by GH Trendz + face of Swish TV + Face of and Two tickets to watch any movie at any cinema in Nigeria. The second place gets #6,000 {Six thousand Naira } cash prize , #15,000 naira worth outfit from Fe’Mor. The third place gets #4,000 {Four thousand naira} cash prize + accessories + perfume oils from Fe’mor.

Of course more sponsors are coming on board and the team is getting stronger. The Queen of the week team now comprises of about 9 team members. The Queen of the week Season 2 Episode 2 will be titled “ The King of Queens”

To register and be a part of the show, make payment to the link below and follow the instructions after success message has been received.


Welcome to THE BIG WAVE.

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