Swish TV was launched about 5 months ago making it the first WhatsApp music station. Our number 1 personality of the month is their first female VJ! We had the chance to actually have a one on one interview with her. Meet the amazing JULIA U. ANTHONY.

*What’s your educational background like?
I’m an undergraduate of Microbiology in Bowen University, 400 Level

*What’s your passion?
I am very passionate about fashion, style and entertainment. I have a talent for making something out of nothing which is one of the reasons I love hosting, presenting and making my voice heard and my image is seen all over.

*When did you first hear about swish tv?

I heard about SWISHTV very recently. I had no idea something so brilliant existed until I was introduced to it, I got to know the foundation and the teams’ vision and how they are willing to morph and change the whole entertainment game in Nigeria and away. I also got an offer to be their first ever VJ. How cool is that?!

*Which act motivates you or basically who is your Role model?

I am usually motivated by acts of mental fortitude. I have lots of role models actually but I’d rather pick some points from their way of life and doing things that follow their full path. The fact that I mentor myself, work on myself and build myself with them as guidance is much better than having a role model because it doesn’t change who I want to be but instead, it makes me who I really want to be but better.

*Who is your celebrity crush?
I actually don’t have a celebrity crush

*Your relationship status?

I like to keep my personal life private but yes I have a man who I feel good about always and he’s mine alone.


*What is your current stance on the state of the music industry in Nigeria?

The music industry has come a long way. We have a lot of talented acts and there is so much room for improvements. The industry is a very big one but very few opportunities for lots of potentials and the potentials are almost limitless. It hurts to see people condemn good music and appreciate the cliché sound we are all used to. So many music genres are being neglected in Nigeria and these music genres have changed lives of many overseas and all over Africa. The day we start to accept and appreciate these sounds is the day the music industry in Nigeria takes a major step to a greater height.

*Tell us a bit about your fashion lifestyle

As a fashion lover, I am quite creative. I like trying new things, all but nothing crazy, a little crazy maybe but something inspiring which I usually look good in.

*What are your goals?

To make a name in this country and beyond, break boundaries, change lives, be one of the best female VJs ever both home and away, live a happy life and lets not all forget we have to make heaven

Shout out to your fans

Hey, people I really love you all, make me strive harder to be great and I promise I won’t let you down. You’re my inspiration and I believe having my ever-growing fan base is going to help me achieve a lot, so keep loving Julia and she’ll keep putting a big smile on your faces!. God bless us all








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