7. Oloye Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony
Businessman and philanthropist, He was a council President of the Lagos Stock Exchange and was a minority investor in Aero-Contractors before the main shares were acquired by the Ibru Organization and at a time held the distributional rights to cars manufactured by Rootes Group. 

He started work as a junior clerk in the correspondence section of the Post and Telegraphs Department (P&T). He left the P&T dept in 1931 and switched to business. He travelled to Germany and England to study palm oil making and later established M. de Bank Brothers, a general merchant firm originally trading in Palm Oil and then patent medicine. After both businesses were not very successful, he switched to importing watches, clocks and fountain pens. He also owned a tanker fleet and a charter airline.
He was one of the earliest Nigerians to become chairman of a European company in 1950 – he was the chairman of the Italian Construction firm, Borini Prono and Company. He was also a director of Mobil Oil and Friesland Foods back then.

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