6. Sanusi Dantata
According to Wiki, His father, Alhassan Dantata, left him a will that amounted to over $12,000, though he was already a wealthy man at the time. Sanusi Dantata is the grandfather of Africa’s richest man, Dangote. Dantata only completed four years of studies at Dala Elementary School. 

When he was 16 years old, he was given a share of his father’s cattle business, the acquisition of cattle in the north and transport by rail to Lagos for sale. Thereafter, he combined groundnut produce buying and transport as part of his business. However, he was forced to sell much of the transport and cattle business by 1947 and later added on real estate.

Said to be altruistic, Dantata was contributing about £40,000 each year to support his friends and the poor.
He gave his beloved 21-year-old grandson (Dangote) a loan of $500,000 to trade in rice, sugar and cement upon graduation from a university in Cairo, Egypt.

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