2. Talabi Braithwaite
Viewed as one of Nigeria’s budding businessmen of his time. He was a Nigerian insurance broker, and one of the leaders of the insurance industry in Nigeria. He was the first President of the Insurance Institute of Nigeria (IIN), now the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN).

Talabi Braithwaite left a British insurance company to establish a firm that would write life insurance on Nigerians which the British underwriters shunned. So prosperous was he that his African Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd occupied a six-storey office. Braithwaite lived in a luxurious house in Ikoyi.
He was the first African to pass the examination to become an associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London in 1951. Braithwaite, in 1960, advised the government of the Western Region as a risk consultant when it formed the Great Nigeria Insurance Company.  He was also the first president of the Nigerian Corporation of Insurance Brokers for 16 years, starting in 1963.
In 1969, he became an underwriting member of Lloyd’s of London, and from 1970 he started underwriting on the Merrett Syndicate.

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