Believe it or not, Nigeria is home to a tremendous number of black people in the world. It is home to about 200 million people, loads of multimillionaires, the richest man and wealthiest woman in Africa. This is no coincidence. Today, we are going to be talking about Old money. This is a list of people who have dominated the economic scene since the 19th century. These guys are the foundation of the so-called upper class in Nigeria. Follow us as we show you the top ten ancient billionaires in Nigeria.

1. Candido Da Rocha 

Ever heard of Candido Da Rocha? Candido Joao Da Rocha was a Nigerian businessman, landowner and creditor who owned Water House on Kakawa Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, and was the proprietor of the now-defunct Bonanza Hotel in Lagos.

He was a Nigerian born in Brazil. He was regarded as the first ever millionaire in Nigeria.
Da Rocha had dozens of clothes and he could afford to send his dirty clothes to the laundryman in the United Kingdom
Da Rocha became a water merchant, selling water from the house (he inherited from his father, Esan Da Rocha) – famously called Casa d’Agua or water house. Da Rocha would later venture into real estate and the hospitality business. He opened The Restaurant Da Rocha, Bonanza Hotel, and Sierra Leone Deep Sea Fishing Industries Ltd. He also went into a partnership with two other businessmen, J. H. Doherty and Sedu Williams, to establish the Lagos Native Bank.

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