One week has gone in the Qveen of the week Season 1 episode 1. The wave has definitely been a big one. So much drama, excitement and emotions have occurred in just one week! Sigh…

Remember Teju? Yes, the master planner. She rocked the charts last week after taking over the throne from Daniella. Things got a bit tensed for Daniella after dropped and lost her position. Furthermore, she was also purportedly said to be manipulating the votes by demanding that her voters vote on different browsers. The accusations had no proof initially so no action was taken against her. She continued the contest with heavy dissatisfaction and uneasiness after she learnt that the security has been heavily beefed up.

No loopholes were left. The aim is a free and fair voting system. More drama began to unfold as Daniella kept pushing to regain her position and in the process got pretty desperate. She tried to backlash the voting system and also endeavoured to thwart and frustrate the voting system. This led to other contestants turning their back against her. Unknown to the other contestants about the impending investigations regarding the alleged manipulation of votes. She further lamented and complained heavily about the voting system not working or constant redirection in an attempt to reduce the security system to its previous settings. Still, no evidence was found until a source close to her confessed that she actually sent a broadcast message telling people to revote using different browsers. The source actually tried it and it worked. Our decision to increase our security systems was the best and we refused to change it. She then voluntarily decided to quit.  Quite sad as she was so many people’s favourite.

This doesn’t stop the contest from going on as FAITH and HEPHZIBAH have won the first and second tasks of the week. Of course, winning a task doesn’t come cheap. It improves their chances of actually going for the crown. Teju now has a massive advantage over every other person now that Daniella has decided to quit.  She leads with 393 votes, this makes it extremely difficult to catch up but with HEPHZIBAH winning the second task she is getting closer. Teju is also not going to allow that to happen as she came second in the task as well followed by Faith.

As far as evictions go tonight. Three people will still be evicted for the race. Even though Daniella quit, 3 contestants will still be out. The bottom 3 contestants, Ayoola had 1% of the total votes with 10 votes in total, the next to her is Favour with 16 votes and Nadine with 22 votes.  We do wish them the very best and we thank them for their participation in this competition. This might not be the last time we’ll see them. Lol.

Vicky narrowly escapes eviction tonight with just 4 votes. Leke, Faith and Bola still hang on the middle 3.  Your votes for them could go a long way. This week promises to be an exciting week! More drama, more fun and more amazing tasks. Stay tuned.

The final showdown! QOTW S1 EP1

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