For those who have been following the Q.O.T.W, I’m sure you have been entertained by their serious enthusiasm and desire to win. 10 contestants battle all out for the crown because the winner cogs all the glory. 

DAY 1:
HEPHZIBAH started her campaign with a massive start, she was leading throughout day one with a total of 83 votes while Daniella kept a close watch and was right behind her with 81 votes. Leke and Bola also kept the close marking alive with 42 and 41 votes respectively. Everyone wanted to speed away and grab the top spot. So much is at stake here. Ayoola, Vicky and Favour drowned at the bottom of the voting list.

DAY 2: 

We woke up just to see Daniella topping the voting list. Everyone was in a state of awe! Common some people expected this. She kept a serious close watch on Hephzibah. She had 110 votes, her fans were definitely not relenting, with the facebook comments and the massive campaigns. This seemed for a moment like a classic election. Hephzibah was also not giving up but she was far apart now. She had just 94 votes. Who would have thought that it would result in this? Leke decided to widen the gap as well leaving bola far behind. Teju who remained comfortable at the 5th spot with 35 votes kept studying the science behind their campaigns. It’s 14days, she was very calm. Faith and Nadine kept a close watch on one another with 24 to 20 votes respectively. Ayoola, Vicky and Favour remained at the bottom of the list still. They were all given tasks, the winner gets a massive promotion that will result in 20 free votes. 


Day 3 was fun as the bottom half showed us a good display of enthusiasm. Vicky hereby leaves the bottom half! Dropping Nadine down to the bottom half. Shocking, as we all thought Nadine was back for a serious showdown having contested in Season 1 Episode 3.  Daniella kept that lead and didn’t give any room for mercy. This time she is closer to 200 votes!!! Hephzibah didn’t care her 147 votes very closer to the leader and she had serious drive to get her spot back. Teju who remained the calm and comfortable number 5, is no longer comfortable and decides to shock everyone! She displaces Leke and Bola who had 55 and 48 votes respectively to become the third seriously aiming for Hephzibah’s spot. With 137 votes, just 10 votes below Hephzibah that is highly possible. Ayoola, Nadine and Favour remain comfortable with the bottom half. 

Predict below: Who do you think will get evicted this Sunday?
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