The Quest for dominance continues as we discuss 5 crucial factors that make Nigeria a country greater and more remarkable than Ghana. Last week we discussed and reviewed “5 reasons why Ghana is better than Nigeria“, just in case you haven’t read it, Kindly do.
Therefore, we move on to the main topic for the day; here are the following reasons why Nigeria is a better country than Ghana


5. Better standard of living:
Nigeria has a far better standard of living and it is also quite cheaper and extremely affordable to live in Nigeria than to live in Ghana. Most individuals who do not have a foreknowledge or who haven’t savoured the experience of living in both countries would definitely put this up for a serious debate. Let’s have a little contrast and comparison here,
buying a meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost about ₦500 in Nigeria which is an equivalent of about 6.69 Cedis while a simple plate of rice in a similar inexpensive restaurant will cost you about 20 cedis which is an equivalent of ₦1,495.83
Furthermore, a litre of PMS in Nigeria is ₦145 while it’s about 4.16 cedis which is an equivalent of ₦311 per litre!
In conclusion, Ghana is quite expensive to live in. A more Powerful currency doesn’t always mean a better standard of living. 

Living, C., & Ghana, N. (2018). Cost Of Living Comparison Between Nigeria And Ghana. Numbeo.com. Retrieved 16 August 2018, from https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_countries_result.jsp?country1=Nigeria&country2=Ghana

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