Ghana is a very amazing country, so is Nigeria. Two West African Giants that regularly fight for dominance in every since sphere of life. Having lived in both countries I can say I know enough to actually write this article.  Ghana’s population of approximately 28 million spans a variety of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. Five per cent of the population practices traditional faiths, 67.2% adhere to Christianity and 23.6% are Muslims. So let’s begin! 


It’s very true that Nigeria is almost 7 times bigger than Ghana in terms of population but that doesn’t change the fact that their electricity is very constant. Even with their constant Dumsor {which means *On and Off}. Ghana is still way better. Ghana has about 4200MW installed in the country that sustains them but due to their growing economy and increase in population, the need to increase the size is needed. Nigeria, on the other hand, reached a peak of 5080MW for the first time in April 2018. Just imagine how 5080MW will sustain over 190 million individuals.


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