Hitler has always been the most talked about when it comes being evil. Trust me the minds of some people can never be understood or why they act the way they do cannot be answered. Some unspeakable acts and unimaginable thoughts, these following creatures {as I termed them} are few of the evilest men the world has ever seen.

10. At number 10, we have Francisco Macias Nguema

Although President of one of the least well known countries in the world, Equatorial Guinea, Nguema is without doubt one of the most insane and frankly evil dictators to ever come to power, becoming responsible for the death or exile of at least a half of Equatorial Guinea’s entire 300,000 population resulting in the nation being bestowed the nickname, the “Dachau of Africa”.

Although democratically elected to power fairly in September 1968, he soon set about cementing his power and making himself dictator. Upon its independence from Spain in 1968, Equatorial Guinea was one of the richest countries in Africa, with the best medical services, the lowest death rate and the second highest per capita income of any sub-Saharan African country. Despite that, under Nguema’s reign, the government was so corrupt and its economy so bad that at one point 90% of its GDP was constituted by foreign aid.

Any dissent was brutally repressed with journalists hacked apart to be cast into the sea to sharks. Nguema’s murderous urges included the dismemberment of his director of statistics for offering figures that displeased him and the murder of all former lovers of his mistresses. When he eventually ran out of money Nguema even kidnapped and ransomed foreigners. Forms of torture and murder he liked to employ included crucifixion, being made to run around a fire until exhaustion before having your skull crushed, being buried up to your head near a red ant hill and perhaps most disturbing of all, a mass execution of 150 opposition members in a football stadium by soldiers dressed up as Santa Claus whilst speakers blared Mary Hopkin’s song “Those Were the Days. Nguema’s insanity didn’t stop there. The word intellectual was “abolished”, all libraries were closed, all people who wore glasses were murdered and formal education was abolished in his anti-intellectual pursuit that far outmatched anything Pol Pot had to offer. Western medicine was banned for being un-African and a legal form of slavery even introduced. Macias eventually banned religious meetings, but not before forcing priests to preach that“There is no other God than Macías Nguema” (The Official National Motto of Equatorial Guinea) “God created Equatorial Guinea, thanks to Papa Macias. Without Macias, Equatorial Guinea would not exist.” Nguema often used hallucinogenics and went insane as a result, adding to his already ridiculous dictatorship. He would go on to mine the only road out of the country, ban all fishing boats, and declared himself the “Unique Miracle” and “Grand Master of Education, Science, and Culture”. Nguema would also build a huge collection of human skulls outside his home that he would use to beat up others as well as hold meetings with “ghosts”. This home was a bamboo hut in his ancestral village of Mongomo, but Nguema made it into his treasury, burying the entire national treasury under his bed after murdering his Central Bank Director when he tried to prevent him from embezzling funds. If this wasn’t enough to convince you this man was batshit insane, electricity would only be switched on in the capital city when Macias paid a rare visit to the city from his country hut since he believed “magic” would keep the power plant running. Unsurprisingly, according to world bank estimates, 215,284 people fled the country (47% of its population at the time) with some estimates as high as 70% of the population and if you include the approximate 80,000 killed by Macias, the total proportion of those killed or fled as a result of his despotic regime rises to over 60% of the country’s population, something the country has yet to recover from even 40 years after his assassination in 1979

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