The Qveen of the week is an initiative that started way back since 2017. We have had amazing sponsors over the past year one of which is “TARE COUTURE” previously known as “Bella Couture”

Tare means love. It’s just another household brand name like Prada, Gucci e.t.c. Tare couture is most concerned about satisfying customers that covet bespoke customized clothes and ready to wear outfits. Tare couture cater for both asoebi dresses, classy chick outlays and casual outfits. They are all about creativity and the clients’ satisfaction.

Tare Couture started out on the 15th of August 2015 as Bella Couture but due to registration issues, the name had to be changed to another unique name. Tare came to life. After a brief talk with the C.E.O of Tare Couture on how they started the brand, here is what she had to say,
“I love creating things and that’s why I’m not stopping at making dresses but clothes is a basic need that we can do without, so I figured, why don’t I make people look astonishing and extraordinary, aside from hair and make-up, apparels was what came to my head, it never goes out of style, you just have to keep up with the trend, people buy clothes everyday, it’s a good investment because you can wear them as many times as you want. So that was what inspired Tare couture, quality services at affordable prices.”

Looking at what lies ahead for the young fashion empire, they are looking to employing inventive ladies outfits and designs that are mindblowing and creative.   Tare Couture is going as far as meeting the needs of Nigerians abroad, Africa as a whole and the entire world.  A ready to wear boutique is going to be available soon.  Delivery services will be available soon to every state in Nigeria and Accra, Ghana.

Welcome to Tare Couture 


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