Just as we thought artistes and celebrities would stay vegan for the rest of the year, some have decided not to stay healthy. M.anifest and Sarkodie have started what is called “Ghana’s tug of war”. The question of who really is the best rapper. You can agree with me that Sarkodie has a point and has bragging rights, on the other hand you cannot sideline M.anifest’s strength in the ghanian music industry and also how deep his songs are.
Most people think that the Sarkodie/Manifest beef began when M.anifest released his “godMC” track. Others also believe it started when Sarkodie released his “Bossy” track because in the said track he took a swipe at most rappers and asked why they will talk of rappers and leave him out. A lot of people also think Sarkodie is getting too full of himself.

 It would be recalled that on the night when EL picked up the Hip-hop Artist of the Year award, he made some sort of emotional statement to the effect that he was expecting Paedae to win the hip-hop song of the year award especially because he and Paedae had worked really hard the year under review (2015-2016). He also said he saw Paedae as his closest competitor in that category, something Sarkodie definitely didn’t’ agree with because he won that category with his #Hand to mouth song.

Now E.L has a song called K.W.A.C (King without a crown) which has some direct punches at Sarkodie who claims to be the king of rap because in “Bossy” he mentioned that, he didn’t need the crown to be king. Apparently, it really got to Sarkodie what E.L said at the VGMA when Paedae didn’t win the Hip hop song of the year, and that was why he released “Bossy.” 

The main question is why Sarkodie is being attacked by M.anifest and not E.L?
This is how M.anifest responded to Sarkodie’s “Bossy” with his “godMC” track

Sarkodie: “Manifest meser? wo lemme just use your “dor dor dor ti dor” to end this verse”

Manifest: “Go to the market, buy yourself some manners. Don’t use my name in vain. That’s just for starters.”

Sarkodie: “Mehn I’m feeling bossy.”

M.anifest: “When the boss is around who can you boss around?”

Sarkodie: “I’m a king, but I don’t feel I gotta wear crown #Bossy.”

M.anifest: “What’s a king to a god emcee?”

Sarkodie: “Omo se Sarkodie ndropi punches. I can do it really but the point is, wo rapi na wo punchi pii aa Joe you sound immature.”

Manifest: “We some intelligent niggas that cannot dumb it down. Even my nonfa back then had sense in it.”

Sarkodie last night came out with “Kanta” which throws direct punches at M.anifest especially with his sense of fashion.

Lol who do you think is King? who is the rap god in ghana? lets watch has more drama unfolds
Download all 3 beef tunes below.

                                          DOWNLOAD #BOSSY – SARKODIE FT JAYSO
                               DOWNLOAD #GODMC- M.ANIFEST (SARKODIE DISS REPLY)
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