The Self “HENCHO”

So everyone was talking about this particular Nigerian upcoming big shot in the corners of the University of Cape Coast , Ghana, West Africa. Heard a couple of his tunes and was like I have to know more about this young celeb. His name was all over the lips of every beautiful girl and Guys. 

I finally got a chance to meet this dude one on one. He’s really got swag tho I must confess! Little wonder why girls were all “Hencho this , Hencho that” Though I feel he is a bit over rated 😒. No beef tho lol. 
So I got a chance to interview this young rapper who stole the hearts of students, lecturers and citizens of cape coast! 
His full name is Uchechukwu Oti but the name is quite long tho lol. He’s obviously a true Igbo guy from Abia state. Then I further asked him when he started music. “Unofficially I started 2012, doing street freestyling and I was also featured on a couple of songs by other people but I started music officially last year 2015 when I dropped Addicted soul produced by Lummy” 
So where did the name Hencho come from? Honestly speaking the name sounds funny😅.
“The name Hencho actually came from the mixture of my name Uchechukwu, from each letters I made up the name, co incidentally Hencho in Spanish means MADE” 
Well I was impressed by the guys composure though. Then I asked who his music inspiration was he answered ” A couple of Artistes like NAS, Kendrick Lamar , Jcole, Drake, common etc, and also the legendary Mr Incredible M.I.” Was shocked he left Jay-Z out sha😏. Furthermore, I went on to quiz him about the current state of the music industry. Wanted to have an idea of his views. 
” I believe there is no more raw talent in the industry. It’s all about the money now! If you have the money, you can push your material further than an average individual who has raw talent. I think upcoming artistes are not well appreciated in the industry now. People take bribes to perform and other corrupt ways. I sincerely believe your talent should speak for you and not your pocket “
Epic!!! I have been bought by this guys words sha! Lol. 

So how many singles does Hencho have and how many shows has Hencho performed at? ” “I have two official singles, GROW MEAN and  YOUR BODY FT GATSBY another great act and I’ve performed about 5 shows both on campus and off campus” 

These guys and their names though 😅 an individual is named GATSBY lol. I Was markly affected by the guys chorus. 
I heard Hencho was previously called Cassidy why the change and why were you called Cassidy?
” Interestingly I love to watch Cassidy when it comes to freestyle battles and I loved his name but I wanted a name of my own not someone who has made his name already” 
I truly recognize this individual as a good and untapped rapper. Though the guy is still shaky and unbalanced. He droppes weak lines at times but it’s a normal thing for forthcoming superstars! 
What do you have to say to your #Fanstobe? 
” they should expect good music and good sounds” 
Any music Video(s)?
” very soon”
Shout outs?
” shout out to the team Bankz records which am also a Co-founder with my manager AY Bankz, he’s been very supportive and he’s quite hardworking also Yomi Ogunsanya, my brother Simeon Nnamdi , my cousin Young OTI in the states also doing music, Nuka Kpakol, My MUM😜 and everyone who knows and supported the brand and name HENCHO, thank you and God bless you all”
Seems like this guy get army tho😭. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have your young celebrity and forthcoming superstar Uchechukwu aka HENCHO! 
Y’all can cop his tunes via the links below
Addicted soul by HENCHO (prod by Lummy)


Your Body ft GATSBY (prod by psycho): 


Grow Mean by HENCHO (Prod by Lummy): 
IG: Emperor_Hencho
Twitter: Emperor_Hencho 
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