The New Generation (Make up X Photography)

Everyone is getting intrigued be the current and massive out break of two new creative works. Photography and Make up. 

They are both inter related. 
Photography as we all know is the process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces. Ever since the advent of camera phones and the rise of social networks, the languish for pictures has grossly increased and multiplied. Then came photo apps like Instagram ,tumblr and so on. Photo editors and camera apps like photo grid and camera 360 or retica came to limelight. As we advance there came selfie🙂. Though selfie existed long time ago but no one really thought of it as selfie. Taking a picture of yourself by yourself. Photography can be in two categories amateur and professional. 

Every individual wielding a smartphone is an amateur photographer as they can take still pictures via their mobile or any other camera without having any indepth of photography. Being a professional entails in depth knowledge of photography. The “craze” of being a photographer at the moment by young adults is intriguing. Every single individual wants to be a photographer! Why? What’s so facinating about being a photographer? Is it not just to take pictures or is there more to photography I don’t understand? I’ve quizzed myself about this so many times. Even individuals who it’s obvious they are ‘talentless’ still look for money to waste on cameras and lenses. Trust me it is quite unfortunate that most people don’t have a mind of their own. I think I finally found the answer to why most people are buying cameras and getting into photography without actually acquiring the skill or even having one. Well, there are three main reasons. The obvious truth is that firstly, there is this fame that comes with being a photographer and wielding a camera and I must confess 90% of youngsters are into photography for the fame. Fame is like an unquenchable thirst for young adults of the new generation. 
Furthermore, most guys who actually dive into photography go into it for the ladies. Most of these dudes actually do this so as to get the so called “model” Chics. Though that reason is a bit controversial but I intend to stand my ground on that sentence simply because even if we fail to admit it. It is the plain truth💯. Also, they do it for the money. Let’s be frank an average camera costs about $1000. So getting one isn’t easy in this current African Economy with currencies depreciating regularly. So if an individual buys one he hopes to make his or her money back one way other other using the camera. As such they do photoshoot a at weddings, events etc. They get paid for their services which is quite a lot of money. 
 I believe it’s a seasonal outbreak. Its time will eventually come and go. I might be wrong though but that’s my point of view and when it finally does what would happen to the ‘tag alongs’ ?  
Part two coming soon✌✌🏿
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  1. Hmmm. I'm glad this is your opinion cause most of it didn't make sense. A knife has more points. Thank you.

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