REVIEW: Huggies baby wipes as makeup remover

Hi dolls! 

So for the past few weeks now, I’ve had embarrassing acne scars on my face. My face had been acne free for a while now and I was glad; until one morning I woke up and there it was. My acne was back. 
I was desperate to get rid of it and I did but the scars were all over my face and they were so annoying cause I couldn’t even step out without covering it up with foundation. I had (still have) the scars on my face for almost a month and it didn’t seem like it was getting any better. 
So one evening when I wanted to treat myself to cake and icecream, I saw the Huggies baby wipes and decided to buy it. Honestly, I bought it because it was cheaper compared to the makeup remover wipes I saw which was also 34 wipes less than the Huggies 😁.
Anyhoo, I got those babies and they did a great up in reducing the prominence of my scars. I didn’t change anything about my daily routine except that so I know it has to be it. Plus it has Aloe Vera which is very good for scars. All kinds of scars. 
So instead of buying that makeup remover, buy the Huggies baby wipes because it’s cheaper (which is great) and it works great. So try it out. 
I also use beautiful day ultra Shea body cream from bath and bodyWorks that I got from a friend. I use it when I’m out of my whipped Shea butter body butter. 
I wish I could post my before and after pictures but I don’t have them. 
Ps: if you don’t want to buy them because you probably have one you’re loving right now and you have scars, I suggest you get Aloe Vera gel and apply it once or twice a day. 

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