Welcome to a whole new series of young celebrities! The fact is there are so many untapped talented and gifted individuals in Nigeria and Africa as a whole!

We met the young energetic and vibrant guy in the western part of Nigeria who firmly believes that Gospel music will take him to greater heights! That immeasurable confidence is what attracted us to this young lad! No record label, No management just him and his goals!!

Without wasting your time, let’s meet MR SLEEK!

Evy: What’s your full name
Sleek: Moronkeji Oluwagbotemi
Evy: Which means, “God listened to me”! Quite deep. So what school do you attend currently or have you graduated?

Sleek: I’m currently in the Osun state university, studying Microbiology.
Evy: Wow! That’s amazing. How did you even get into the music business and why did you start anyway?
Sleek: I started music as an hip-pop artiste with different songs but along the line, God had always been calling me but I always refused but I ended up answering to his call and I started music cause I love worshipping God. 

Evy: Beautiful one! Most individuals still ignore the call… So what or let me say who motivated you and who are your role models? Also, what do you project as your future in the gospel world dominated by a few?
Sleek: Got motivated by My General Overseer Rev Felix Meduoye, Pastor Paul Eneche, Sinach and the likes. My future in the music industry is to penetrate into all areas of music through worship and make people see God for who he truly is.
Evy: You seem to have things all planned out. LoL. To be honest, most people are in the music industry for financial reasons. The gospel world isn’t paying as much as circular music “based on logistics”. Some can prove me wrong though. How do you intend to survive because to be frank, music is money
Sleek: Well I don’t depend on money from my music to live cause I believe since it’s God that called me he will sort me.

Evy: That’s the confidence I’m talking about dear Kv readers! More to some personal vibes. Are you single?
Sleek: Well am not single.
Evy: Wawu! Wanna talk about the lucky girl?
Sleek: Well, I would like to keep that part private for now. 
Evy: Very well. So how do you mix music with your school life and also tell us more about your tour? 
Sleek:  How do I mix school with music hmmm
Well, school is no1 but God has to be involved. I don’t allow music disturb my school. I go for ministrations and go for classes too. All balanced. Well, am working on a tour to go to most churches both big and small to minister and show them the Glory of God.
Evy: How did your parents take it when you broke the news of your new chosen career?
Sleek: My parents support me in every way like money, advice, anything I can think of as long as it doesn’t disturb my academics… They are cool with it and will keep supporting till the end.
Evy: A quick shout out to your fans, friends and family!
Sleek:  Please don’t get angry because my shoutouts might be long. Lool
Shoutout to my mum Pastor Mrs Moronkeji. I love her so much.Dream pusher.
Fikayo my big sister, Christ Blessed Records, Mercy Omoh, Blessing Ogunjimi, Adeoti David, Emmanuel Bello and on top my own King EVY even to others I can’t mention now. I pray God bless you all.
My fans please keep supporting and may we never let God down!

There you have it! Watch out for his tour dates and venues! If you wish to be a part of this show, send your name, details and talent to “”. 







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