SHEEDA BANTS: Writing An Effective To-Do List

Hello SB readers, hope your week has been going pretty well. The highlight of my week has been the present weather condition (HEAT!).

 The weather has changed and electricity has drastically dropped.  I am still trying to get used to this. I guess our source of electricity is drying up so let us brace ourselves for the worst. Dry season is approaching.

Every day activities can get really clumsy and overwhelming. As humans we have the tendency to forget things we plan to do. We fix a time to carry out an activity only to realize at the end of the day that we couldn’t achieve it, mainly because we forgot or we didn’t plan well.

Apart from not planning well, a lot of people have the habit of procrastinating. They often tell themselves “I will do it later”, which they end up not achieving or they end up achieving at the very last minute. The problem with this people is that at last minute they get overwhelmed and frustrated and they don’t end up giving their best.

Procrastinating and failure to plan can be solved by creating an effective to-do list. Putting down what to do way before the time can help to solve this in a great way.

The point of a to-do list is to get more things done at less time. An individual can have a personal to-do list or a work related one. Your to-do list should be your best friend and your go to spot for planning your day. Hence, it becomes very difficult to forget what you have on your list. Prioritizing what you have on your to-do list can really help to avoid procrastination. i.e.  You end up finishing your set targets in due time.

A to-do list can be in form of colour coded writings, post it note reminders, apps etc.

Anyone can personalize to-do list in any form that suits them.

Tips to ensure an effective to-do list:                                                       

          Understand that a to-do list is a daily necessity in modern life.

          Start your day with an already prioritized to-do list; this will make your tasks for the day productive.

           Ensure that your to-do list is as realistic as possible. Only list tasks that you can achieve within the stipulated time.

          Ensure that you tackle the first item on your list. You do not want to start with item number three and end up disorganized.

          Try to keep the to-do list as short as possible. The shorter it is the more likely it will be concluded. Quality over quantity.

          Sometimes small is big. A single small task, if not well managed can end up taking most of the productive time you have. Ensure to be very strategic and note that small doesn’t always mean easy to accomplish.


Having an effective to-do list can really help save us from a lot of stress, I bet you will never regret having to do this.

I hope you find this few tips useful. It has worked for me and I hope it works for you.

Kindly let me know how you are dealing with the heat, help a sister!

Till next time..  XO

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