The Smart Money Movement.


It is no news that we are in recession guys. It is live and it is biting really hard everywhere. Every individual is trying their very best to make the most of what they have and still struggle to save. I think the scariest part of it is that we do not know when it will end. It is really sad.

As Nigerians (hustlers of life), we adjust and we start to make smart money decisions. The smart money movement motivated my post for today. I am a big fan of Arese Ugwu and I must say that she is my woman crush for 2016 (If you don’t know her, I am seriously side eyeing you now). She is the founder of , host on Guardian TV’s personal finance show “your life your money”, one of the board of directors of “House of Tara” and most recently the author of “The Smart Money Woman”.

I learnt about Arese early 2015, I read one of her post on bella nija. Ever since then I have stayed glued to, made some positive money decisions and it has been a girly love. The major thing that kept ringing in my head after I read the post was that if you want to discipline yourself to save, open an account, do not get an ATM or a Cheque book for it and ensure that the first thing you do is to save when you get your monthly income.

This worked for me, it took a lot of self-discipline I must say, but I was able to save until I put the money to good use (squandered it I mean).

Fast forward to this year, I was finding it hard to save. I will like to blame it on the recession sha. Saving was a struggle; it was now a habit of living from pay cheque to pay cheque.

I really was excited when I learnt that arese is now an author of a book focused on how the African woman can gain financial freedom. I read a few reviews and I could not wait to get my own copy, and hopefully I can start making better money decisions. I finally got a signed copy when arese came for her book tour in Ibadan.

A few Tips from the book:

–          Save for the rainy-day, building wealth is not about how much you have but how much you spend.

–          Investment is a bigger goal; invest into something that will make more money for you.

–           The way you spend, invest and manage ten naira, is the way you will spend, invest and manage ten million naira.

–          Do not live the lifestyle you can’t maintain, cut your coat according to your pocket. Lol!

–          Track your expenses, determine where your money goes to and take control of your spending pattern.

However, I must say that it is a different thing to write a good book and have a great marketing strategy. The PR and marketing for this book was awesometastic, the book was all up in our faces (social media et al) that it was so hard to ignore, I speak for a lot of people when I say this. Never underestimate the power of social media. The Smart Money tour keeps moving from Nigeria to Ghana to SA, Girrrrl I like your Vibe! Keep Soaring.

The money lessons are numerous; it is a book you want to read often to figure out where you stand with your money goals.

To find out where to get the book  visit, Your future self will thank you.




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