`First of all, this is a personal and candid opinion. Adekunle Gold has been nothing but exceptional ever since he got signed to YBNL. His new genre of music is just so captivating to music lovers and also seen as boring to some. Go cop yours on iTUNES!

  1.  {GOLD [INTRO] } – This song was produced by Seyikeys. This guy is actually a new producer ‘i assume’. Quite inspiring for those who need it sha, made sense to an extent buh i just wanted to skip to the next jam sha. *Rating – 5.5
  2. {MY LIFE} – If you are a yoruba person either male x female way you no dance to this tune lol. I love the guitar blend and the native drums! Produced by Seyikeys as well.  Talks about how God has blessed him and individuals should quit hating him. The question here is how hates Adekunle? Who he epp? lol*Rating – 6.5
  3.  {BEAUTIFUL NIGHT} – On the stressful journey to finding Orente, he seems to have found one as he delivers a beautiful blend of real afro beats! Produced by Oscar. Got really boring at one point tho and i’ve heard that message over and over again but Amazing love song. *Rating – 5.5
  4. {ORENTE} – An Oscar produced hit track has topped charts for weeks! This was released before the album. I know you will all agree this song is one of the reasons why we love Adekunle’s music. *Rating – 7
  5. { NURSE ALABERE} – I’m very sure his has a very deep connection with his producers. This song is so calm, reserved and well written. Seems like “orente” left him lol. Hands up for Seyikeys on this again.  *Rating – 7
  6. {FRIEND ZONE} – Adekunle my guy lol. This is our jam! To all the brothers who have been friendzoned by force. ” I SAY ME AND YOU WE NO RELATE, NA ONLY ME MY MAMA BORN I NO BE YOUR BROTHER” This is definately ‘our’ jam! He rejected the term ‘brother’ mostly used by potential BAE’s. Produced by Pheelz Mr Producer. *Rating – 8
  7. {PARADISE} – I got really tired of this track. Forced myself to actually listen to the end sha. Another love song again. At least if the beat was like dope maybe i would have even had feelings for the song and it was produced by Pheelz. neh! *Rating – 3
  8. {NO FORGET FT SIMI} – This is the masterpiece of the album! The best song on this album actually! Simi has been on fire, she was the only feature on this album and apparently she mixed the whole album. Her delivery on this song is classic and epic! Adekunle and Simi is just outstanding. Produced by Oscar! I’m anticipating a video soon tho because this song is “THE MASTERPIECE” *Rating – 9.5
  9. {PICK UP} – This tune was released off the album. Every age group can relate to this song easily. Even my 86 year old grandmother still dances to this tune lol. Beautiful delivery and quite exceptional lyrics. *Rating – 7
  10. {WORK} – It’s safe to call Adekunle an inspirational singer. He advises youths and people in general to quit living fake lives and actually work hard. Produced by B-bankz . Very true ” Pussy cat no be tiger” *Rating – 6.5
  11. {TEMPTATION} – Wonderful tune here. He tells a captivating story of how his friend’s girl wanted him and he rejected. He really did a very beautiful job here. The story line is quite captivating. Produced by Sleekamo
  12. {ARIWO KO} – Music ain’t about making so much noise! The main question is ‘Who you epp?” Ariwo in Yoruba is noise. Ariwo ko ni music very true! Produced by Pheelz  Simi’s back up is just legendary. That chic is going places. *Rating – 6.5
  13. {FIGHT FOR YOU} – In this track, he contradicts track 11, lmao. (Just kidding). He is about to fight for a married chic because she is being maltreated. Basically that’s what the content is all about. I really didn’t feel this energy i felt in other songs though. This was produced by Oscar. This felt basic sha.*Rating – 5
  14. {READY} – Still on the look for Orente. This song was produced by Pheelz! Not much to say on this, it has been released before the release of the album. *Rating – 6
  15. {SWEET ME} – Soft tune from here produced by Masterkraft. *Rating – 5

{SADE [BONUS TRACK] } – This is how we got to know who Adekunle Gold is. Jumping on a “one direction beat” and completely changed the vibe of the song and made it into that classic masterpiece that topped almost all charts and also received massive airplays worldwide earning him serveral nominations and awards as well. Produced by Pheelz. *Rating – 7

Drop your opinion as well. {if you have bought the album on itunes or mtn plus}

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