The Queen of the week is a brand initiative by KvngEvy and which launched on the 17th of April, 2017. The idea of the brand is to create an avenue for new and young celebrities to be formed at the same time getting maximum publicity for our sponsors.

The program starts out as a normal facebook contest where 5-10 girls compete for the crown and the highest likes win the contest. This contest is different from all other Facebook contests in the sense that the fans are also being carried along in this situation. All shared likes by fans of each contestant are calculated and added to likes on the post. It has become an online show in which the activities that are being done during the contest are updated regularly on “” these includes interviews, live updates, who is currently leading and all the drama involved in the show. Each show starts on Monday/Tuesday evening with the announcement of the celebrity contestants for the week. Then Voting proceeds the following day by 12:00 PM and ends on Friday/Saturday 8:00 pm. The program runs twice a month { two weeks }.

Here are the previous Queens from Season 1:

1: AKORFA: The first unvoted Queen! She was Queen based on self-merit and extraordinary values shown by her.
She just celebrated her 20th birthday and it was a blast!!!!

2: ANN GELLA: Remember her? The tough fighter and the fans choice! She was the debut Queen to be voted in…


3: TOPE OGUNBANJO: She never gave up even after losing in the first episode. Watch out for her lead role in the video shoot she went for after winning the crown! #SwishRaderRecords Sponsored that….


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4: CHIDINMA: Lady Chidinma aka “K.Candy” was definitely an undisputed champion from the start of the contest! She kept her cool and she was so intelligent with her vibes!!!!

5: AMA NOCTURNAL: Our latest Queen has all the major vibes right now! The famous model and fashionista keep her profile high. 


Partners of queen of the week

– Truekraft { Photography and video directing }

– Beautenoire { Makeover house }

Media Sponsors of QOTW

– Cnmeister

Sponsors of QOTW

-AEKO { Clothing line }

-Convenincia Blings {Bridal Accessories }

– ZZ Kreations {Clothing line}

– Tizrah makeovers {Make-up}

– Bibini Mfoni {Photography}

– 509 Concept {clothing line}

– Nivri { clothing line }

– 94 and Kinging events {Event management}

– Tare  Couture {Clothing line}



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