Read what happened to a Job applicant in Las Gidi!!

Someone sent this to me on a WhatsApp group! The credibility of this story is yet to be confirmed though but should be taken seriously as well.

Read the full story below.

Its God that saved me yesterday. I applied for a job via Jiji on Monday, on Wednesday I was called for interview in Maryland Lagos. I got to Maryland took a bike to the location for the interview.

When I got to the lonely building in Mende there in Maryland, Okada dropped me and left, no one to ask a question, I called the number that was attached to the message of interview to tell him I’m at the venue, he picked and said his men are downstairs, I looked around and saw two men.

The looks on their faces was not funny. They asked me to open the message for them to see; I opened it, after reading they said I belong to room one, that I should switch off my phone before climbing the stairs, I told them I’m not expecting any call, they said its compulsory. I asked them how long the interview will last and they said 3 to 4 hrs, I was tired. I told them to give me a minute let me inform my people that I won’t be home early as I told them.

l went towards the gate to call my sister, as I was making the call, two men came down making them four, they started shouting on me that I’m wasting their time that is like I’m not ready for the job. As this was happening a guy from no where came behind me all I heard was “my case is different ” and I said so is mine.

He said he saw the Winners (Church) bangle I was wearing that I should meet him outside the gate. I followed him, he asked what brought me here, I told him I came for an interview, he said I should thank my God that I saw him if not it will be a different story by evening. That I should leave the place immediately that the pple are using charms on people.

I thanked him and entered a bike that dropped one guy at the gate there and left. They called and called I didn’t pick.

This morning they sent a text that my interview has been rescheduled. Lets be vigilant with online Jobs I have not been myself since yesterday. I have been lost in deep thoughts about the danger I was exposed to due to my quest for a job.

But I thank God for saving cos I don’t know what the story could have been. I urge job seekers to make standard verification of job opportunities before applying.

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