It was one of those weekends when I was hanging with family. There is always something fun to talk about and everyone was in an open conversation. I and my uncle got talking about TV series, Nollywood, Hollywood etc. My uncle really wanted me to know how current he was, and I am not talking current affairs or politics, lol. All of a sudden he threw a “Jenifer” on me(if you watch jenifer’s diary, you’ll know what I mean),  I had to package myself well and answer as Jennifer  will, I wasn’t ready to let him win, even though I have only seen a few episodes of Jennifer’s diaries.

This took us to discussing comedy series, and I had to really question my sense of humour. I am not the type that will go out of my way to get a comedy series from a friend or download it. You won’t catch me watching two and half men, how I met your mother etc. , because I really do not find them funny. Like I won’t watch it because I want to laugh or want to feel better, is that weird? I successfully watched a few episodes of two broke girls (because I was bored) but I guess you already know how that ended.

I had this friend when I was in UNI, actually there were two of them that had the habit of pausing series and will literally laugh for about two minutes or more, because of something funny in the episode or so, *side eye, could it be that funny.

. OMG! You guyz don’t judge me please, maybe there is something wrong with my sense of humour after all. My friends have accused me of being too serious and having a poor sense of humour. Taaaa. Whatever!!!!

 When it is not Scandal or Originals or even GOT, the list is endless (gist for another day).

I actually have watched a few episodes of Jennifer’s diaries and the IG videos have made me want to watch some more. It never gets boring, and it never gets old. She has been very creative and she stays winning.

I hope I am not the only one that has this view of comedy series; someone has to be out there that thinks like me. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rate myself a 6. At least I find Jennifer funny.

Rate yourself, and let me know what you think in the comment section.

Till I come around next time, be good.



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