The point of this QOTW is not just you alone but the idea of carrying your fans and friends along! You know it’s fun when you see people who love you support your quest whole heartedly. The #TGIF edition of QOTW is going to also highlight who got so much love from their fans. Before then let’s check the stats. 
TOP of the lead and has maintained her lead since day 1 is ABA LIMAN! The model has gathered so much love from her fans and literally didn’t do much during this quest. She has her friends and fans to thank for keeping the lead for so long and strengthing her lead by a dominant factor. “574 votes”

RAHYL has won the heart of sponsors and analysts when she started the competition with her fierce vibes! Unbelievable courage and expectations. Her looks and her fans are her best selling point. She has a very cooperative spirit and is always present during tasks and always completes every single task. RAHYL has retained her 2nd position for quite some time now. “431 VOTES” 

BENEDICTA ARMAH is the heart of the team. The team leader and coordinator, she is always there during tasks and has every contestant to fall back on. She has a huge sense of humour as she always motivates her teammates. Giving up is not her best attribute as she is a fighter. She also retains her 3rd spot. She can pull off a “SOPHIA” ” 319 VOTES” 

ABIGAIL is actually a very passive character. She doesn’t really say much BUT she is a very confident chic and a very futuristic individual. Her votes haven’t been so high. “196 votes ”

CHARLOTTE the workaholic of the team. Apparently, she is not only a model but a banker and a career lady. Her reasons for low votes is work. Well, we all understand how busy the banking sector can be. “118 votes”

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