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The Qotw started on a lowkey. It has been a very tough two days on the show. The new faces to the game and they have not found It so easy. 3 people have been evicted already but we have a couple of tough contestants this episode. Queen Eze Jennifer has been quite consistent. She is currently topping the polls after displacing Munirat

In a short interview with the young star, we got more information about her and her journey on the show so far.

-Your full name

My name is Eze Jennifer Favour

-How has the show been so far?

It has been awesome, new though. It’s definitely different from the normal mode of contest and I love it

-How did you manage to take over from Munirat?
Well that one was unexpected but let’s say it’s fate. That is because she didn’t participate in a task giving me a chance to rise up in rank. I was lucky though.

-Who is your toughest rival?

Well I don’t know their names but that will be the contestant that goes by name “All kinds of bag” because she is challenging and I love that. So I elected her as my biggest rivalšŸ¤­

-Do you believe you can win this contest?

Yes I do. I believe in myself, I love challenge and even though my main aim is to help and develop myself, the winning makes it more enticing and exciting so why not.

-Any shout outs?

A big shout out to the organizers, sponsors, lecturers and everyone who made this contest a reality. It’s appreciated. Thank you

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