So a new tradition has come alive, now it’s not all about beauty but brains too! Trust me when I tell you these chics are super smart and intelligent.
TASK: All contestants should get to know one another because it’s team work day. All contestants will come together and write a piece of article on the current stand of Ghanian entertainment in Africa. They had this to present with Benedicta in the front lines of the task of course with the support of everyone! >>

Entertainment is any form of activity that seeks to ignite pleasure by gaining the interest of an audience.Music; Film, fashion and comedy are some aspects of entertainment in Ghana. The Ghanaian entertainment industry can be ranked as a very promising industry though there are quite a number of ups and downs.

With regards to the ups, the Ghanaian entertainment industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry where both local and international stars are being made. Here, it is believed that the individuals in the entertainment industry are one of the wealthiest people in society. They are counted amongst the elite in society, hence, given special treatment at functions, they attend such as being special guests of honour or chairpersons for the events they attend. This then brings the Ghanaian entertainment industry to the front as these celebrities get all the attention whenever they find themselves at an event.

The entertainment industry provides a 100,000 direct and indirect jobs for individuals. This has, therefore, made the entertainment industry a very lucrative business. Each and every day, we hear of a new photographer or an upcoming model as the youth have realized that it is the entertainment industry that is producing all the famous and wealthy people in society. This, in turn, has made the Ghanaian entertainment industry a very popular business venture bringing new faces with new ideas into the industry hence making the industry dynamic and productive.

Events like beauty pageants (Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Miss Malaika, Miss Earth Ghana and Miss Universe Ghana), movie and music award shows (Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and Ghana Movie Awards) and comedy shows (Nite of Thousand Laughs and Music and Kejetia vs Makola) are on the verge of becoming world class entertaining shows since they have caught the attention of individuals both Ghanaians, home and abroad together with Non-Ghanaians as people find these productions entertaining and educative as well. This then puts Ghana in the limelight on the African entertainment industry. These entertaining events encourage people in the entertainment industry to do better and also to be on the lookout for trending things on how to make their works the best. This then helps individuals to bring out their best.

The demand for Ghanaian films especially “Kumawood” films increase day in and out. This has kept the Ghanaian movie industry on their toes and always ready to do better in order to get to the top. This demand has lead collaborations between Ghanaian artistes, actors and actresses to produce movies and songs and this has made the Ghanaian entertainment industry a very hot commodity, extending their market shares. Currently, the Ghanaian entertainment sector contributes about GHc300 million through taxes to the development of the country.

one of the most exciting developments in Ghana over the last couple of years has been the growth in social media spaces, and the vast proliferation of blogs, which capture our Ghanaian realities and enables us to share our stories, pictures, videos amongst ourselves and with the rest of the world. We are telling our own stories. We are documenting our herstories and histories. We are archiving and creating knowledge.

Aside from all the positives to achieve this precedence, it hasn’t been easy. Here, comparing Ghana to other African countries, the Ghanaian government involvement in the development of the industry is nothing to write home about. With Government involvement in the Nigerian entertainment industry, they tend to be growing faster and achieving more than the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Another struggle has to do with branding. Branding, in simpler terms, refers to the public awareness of a product, mostly materialistic. It distinguishes like-products on the market. Branding has been a major setback in the industry’s quest to success. But then, gradually, The Ghanaian entertainment industry is creating an attractive and firm look by the appreciation of our culture.

Also, the movie industry though doing great, the introduction of telenovelas by most of our Television stations have affected the patronage of the Ghanaian movies as it is has managed to steal all the entertainment attention. Reference can be made to the Second lady’s recent travel to meet the Khumkumbagya cast.

To conclude, the Ghanaian entertainment industry is in the limelight and is shining so bright though there are quite a number of setbacks. It stands as an ever-growing industry with lots of potentials to get to the top to become not just one of the best in Africa as it is but the best amongst the rest. If these setbacks are handled delicately, the top is where the Ghanaian entertainment industry will be.

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