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Qotw day 2 has been quite incredible. We’ve seen the team play and also the house has something beautiful to present. Down to the main business of the day. Their task today was completed with Benedicta taking full control of the whole house and the worked tirelessly to make the task a success. Day 2’s task was basically about team work! All contestants should get to know one another because it’s team work day. All contestants will come together and write a piece of article on the current stand of Ghanian entertainment in Africa. 👍

Today’s chart:
1: We see ABA LIMAN coming from second position yesterday to top the chart with 359 General votes! It was quite close yesterday and by the way, she was on Rahyl’s tail yesterday and ended up taking her spot. She wasn’t too keen on her task today and didn’t do much apart from her portion. Yesterday’s stats were quite favourable to Miss RaHyl well not today. Day 3 poses new opportunities.

Miss Rahyl!!! She further strengthens her votes to 277 VOTES. She has a very strong team of peeps working for her! Her day 1 interview coming up this afternoon.

Go getter and a team leader! Benedicta has shown us reason to believe she’s worth every single vote she has gotten so far. She currently stands at 249 VOTES and obviously has a lot of work to do.

Abigail on the other hand is a very passive individual. She maintains her 4th position and doesn’t seem like she’s struggling much to advance. She has 159 votes in total! 

Finally, Charlotte. Apparently, she was unable to complete her task today and obviously risks being evicted on Friday. Well nothing is impossible. She currently sits at the bottom with 98  General likes. 


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