the presidential home-office conundrum

If you are a staunch believer of second chances and the good President Buhari is doing, this is not for you.

News reaching my desk this morning is that Buhari has been absent from the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meetings because he has been ‘working from home’. I find this interesting because i thought the Aso rock was both home and office to the president (because according to, “Aso Rock Presidential Villa is the Nigerian Presidential Complex which houses the residence and office of the Nigerian President). I believe this implies that the supreme deity of Nigeria lives on the same grounds as his office so I’m baffled about his absence from office because he is at home (I cannot express this irony enough).

The scenario here is still somewhat salvageable (if we assume that the president has been finding it difficult to move around in what I assume is a very large complex) if not for the fact that Lai Mohammed stated in an interview that the president was attending to other duties. I will proceed to ask for what other job the president has other than setting his house straight because his other duties would be as results of deliberations of the FEC.

Another complication rises when Governor El-Rufia (whom I loved until this statement) explicitly stated that we have to understand that the president is an old man who would find it routine to battle different ailments associated with age while stating the example that he, even though younger than the president, has to take certain pills to keep his system working. I will proceed (as is my norm) to ask for why the president wouldn’t resign if his age and health are in constant battle with his office.

To ice the cake, all 27 APC governors don’t see anything wrong in the absence of the president from his FEC meetings for 21 days since he is working from home (which is a crying shame if you ask me since all 27 of them slept and faced the same direction so to speak). I will proceed to ask my final question: Is this our president a blogger, PR agent or a self employed businessman who can find working from home easy?


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