SHEEDAH’S BANTS: Poor Customer Service

I stepped into a cooling air-conditioned banking hall at about 10: 15 am on Tuesday. It was quite a relive from the hot weather condition outside, to think it was just 10 :15 in the morning.

I was excited that there was no queue at the counter, just a few people in the hall and so I hurried to do the needful , and proceeded to the counter. My transaction will be stress-free I said happily to myself, little did I know that a no queue doesn’t exactly mean a stress free transaction.

I walked up to this lady and I greeted her with a smile, she struggled to answer so I guessed that she wasn’t having the best day at work, and maybe she is tired. But it was only 10:19am, if you are tired now what will happen when it is 2pm. Her countenance was so wrong, her actions were really rude, and she acted like I was stressing her.

Customer service gone wrong!!!  Hello? Who should stress who? At a point I was about to ask her if I did anything that got her angry.

It took about five minutes before she handed over the cash and the duplicate slip to me. As at this time, a few people have queued behind me.

To worsen my situation I asked her if she could give me bigger denominations as against the ones she gave me. I pleaded that I really needed the bigger denominations. She mumbled something that I didn’t hear, and I had to ask her to repeat herself. (baba wrong move) . She shouted “I do not have big denomination”, I was shocked. I told her straight away that she could present it in a better way, and she didn’t need to shout.

As I angrily walked away from the counter I heard the women behind me talk about how rude the lady is at all times. I guess they visit that branch more often.

It was too early to start a day like this and I won’t let it slide. It was becoming one too many.  I asked around for someone who could probably be a senior colleague, I explained it all to him, and I told him how pissed I was about it.  He apologized and also got her to apologize even though she didn’t admit it. I was shocked at how mellow she was when she was speaking to the senior colleague. Funny right? At the end of the day I got my bigger denomination she wasn’t willing to give.

This people don’t know how much the management have invested into building a brand. They talk trash to customers and act like they are doing “us” a favour.

We all have bad days but there are several ways to deal with it.

Have you had any bad customer service experience and how did you deal with it? Drop your comments, and I will be happy to reply.

Do not let anyone talk trash to you this new month.

Happy New Month.


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